Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury finishing powders

Monday, meet up with Sharon (Brand manager of Japalang) again. As she wanna pass me some products to try. And she was nice enough to gave me a full size Cure Natural Aqua Gel! (I used it twice now... will do a full review after I tried it out for more then 5 times ^__^)

She wanna me to try out the Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury finishing powders.

She gave me all 3 of the finishing powders to try:
  • Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Silk Moon (#01 Yellow)
  • Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Nude Flower (#02 Pink)
  • Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Platinum Tiara (#03 Blue) 

 From the website, it mention that these finishing powder are for::
A luxurious finishing powder for face and body. Helps to control shine and conceal pores and imperfections. It gives your skin that beautiful translucent glow and clear skin tone. Contains soft-focus powder to cover pores and rough skin and squalene to keep skin moisturized. You will feel that long lasting young and smooth skin throughout the day. Fragrance-free. Brush included.  

OMY! I love the brush that come with it! Super soft!
NOT Pokey at all!!!
Here's the close up on the powder

One by one close-up of the powder textures
Silk Moon (#01 Yellow)
(For nature glow skin- it has a very pretty gold sheen)
Nude Flower (#02 Pink)
(For nude/transparent skin/dewy finishing- has tiny pink mica)
Platinum Tiara (#03 Blue)
Highlight powder (Glitters/mica finishing)
[L-R: #03(blue/white), #01(yellow) and #02(pink)]

Without flash(Heavy swatch)
L-R: Pink, Yellow, blue/white
With flash
Blended out the swatches
Have been using the Silk Moon- #01 Yellow (haven't try the other two on my face yet) for the past few days. I love the soft gold sheen!

OK here's the initial review of the Silk Moon:: I didn't apply this on the whole face... just use it on my cheek,cheek bone (it brighten up my eyes!!! LOVE), forehead and chin. 
♥ The mica in these powder does draw away the attention of my pores!!!  (GOOD)
From a close distance from the mirror.. my pores doesn't look as huge as it normally would!!
After afew hours of wearing it... it doesn't make my face look like a grease pan! (I have combination skin)
Powder was very soft and smooth - doesn't look cakey at all. 
The Brush that come with it, was super soft
(Gransenbon was famous for the soft brush applicator and pretty shimmers blushes!)

To be honest, I wasn't sure how I'm going to use this when I first received these powders, becos...

#1  - I scare it would be too scary to apply these as setting powder on combination/oily skin
#2  - Where should I apply to avoid having a greasy face (surely NOT on my T-zone)
#3  - How can shimmers cover pores?!?!
But I'm willing to try!! It's a good time to try stuff that I normally won't think much about it. (Right?).

And it totally changed my impression on these powders when I played with it. Except the #03 highlight powder('s highlight powder- sure will look shimmery)!!!

The shimmers wasn't that scary... not disco ball type of glitters. Just soft tiny mica/sheen.
I like the texture of these powders... very smooth.
And among the 3 powders, my fave was Silk Moon #01(the yellow one) ... so I start using it and I like it so far. 

I still don't get it why Japanese love using shimmery powder as setting powder!  Their skin don't look that dull that they need shimmers to brighten up their complexion!(Right? NO?)

Grand Decollete Luxury finishing powders are only available at Beauty Carousel
Price: SD$39.90

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I will try to do a LOTD with this powder (hopefully I can capture the beautiful sheen on the camera! Plus reviews on the other 2 powders.)

I am not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.