Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collective hauls from etude house and John little

Went shopping with my sis yesterday... check out Etude House and John Little sale

All the Etude House skincares belong to my sister (She love Etude House- cos it work great on her)
Pink makeup pouch, moistfull sample pack and mini lip gloss was GWP(above $100)
And 2 posters when we enter the store! (lolx- why poster??? I miss their sheet mask!)
The Garnier samples were given to us along the street around Taka(think it some promotion thingy)
Etude House Total Age repair set SD$99.90
Consist of retail size Toner, Serum and 3 samples
Etude House Total Age repair Essence SD$64.90

Finally, I remember to get the Bourjois mini kabuki brush (I keep forgetting about it! lolx)
Price before discount = SD$12.00 (20%+10% discount @ John little)

KORRES Mango lip butter
Promotion price SD$12.90 (offer ends on 28 June 2010)
The scent was so delicious- smell like mango pudding!

Japan SANA 3D Eyelashes Curler *39mm Wide Angle
I got this at Gmarket for SD$5.90
Normal postage included

Last Sunday- shopping with Ming(miwitch)
MAC blog powder for my sister (SD$36)
Stage Liquid eyeliner (SD$8 promotion price)
The green was so pretty and vibrant (I add on swatches soon)
On Monday,  I got 2 makeup removers (Hada Labo and Fasio)
Hada Labo Hydrating make-up remover (SD$17.90)
It's waterbase (gel like texture)
Becos I'm using a waterbase cleansing gel... I have to get a point makeup remover for my mascara
(I love to use super waterproof mascara like Fasio/Majolica Majorca)
So I got Fasio point makeup remover
I got this Fasio remover at Guardian- when I saw that they have a mascara tape onto the bottle.. I was like: "Great, free mascara"!!! It was when I cash out the item... I realise that I was paying for the mascara and the remover was GWP!!! (I felt so cheated! I don't need mascara!!!!!!!!)
I remember the point makeup remover cost around $12+ (and Guardian was having 20% for Fasio products) and I end up paying SD$22+(after discount!)
I've tried this mascara before in blue shade(it was good)
Now I got it in brown!(They only have one shade at the shelving!)
Ming(miwitch) gave me this to try ^__^
Rohto Redness Relief lubricant eye drops
The prize from Amy(purplio) giveaway ^__^
(Thanks dear!)

One night my sister came home with a bunch of earrings
She kept some for herself and gave these to me!
I love all the gold one(the gold was much whiter, softer then the pic)
3 pairs for SD$10
Foot gel-heel cushions SD$5.95 each
Right now Guardian promotion get 2nd item at 10cent!
So I only paid SD$6.05 for 2 ^__^

 That's all.. not really an exciting haul entry! lolx