A beautiful me - workshop

On Saturday, Majolica Majorca have invited me(plus some other bloggers) to attend the "Beautiful Me" Workshop.

This workshop is about hair styling(with Shiseido Prodessional hair products and Panasonic beauty gadgets) and makeup by Majolica Majorca.

Today(20 May 2010) would be the last day of the road show (Pop by to check out the Panasonic beauty gadgets if you're interested.)

I was sick on Friday and still really blur and dizzy in the morning(I slept real early the night before... but I still feel really tired!)...

I was so blur that I forgot to take pics of the surrounding(I did have a shot.. but it was too blury... nvm~), the panasonic beauty gadgets... and Majolica Majorca's products(well.. thanksfully I already been to the MM's workshop!) lolx
But I still have fun trying out the gadgets.
Here's some of ther pics I managed to take...

Products we got to play around with...
First we start off the workshop with Shiseido Professional
Clara as the hair model
After introducing/demo the Panasonic beautiful gadgets and Shiseido Pro hair products...
We got to play around with them...
Using the Multi-styling straighterner
And I love this Luster spray!
It made the curl last all day!
Not greasy, sticky or harden my hair! (Love~)
And this is the finishing look (I'm using the medium curl)
Follow by Majolica Majorca Chaper 26 workshop
I've been to this workshop before...

Check out this entry for full detail on chapter 26 MM's Products

After the workshop... Pics time!(lolx)

Me, Joyce and Jay


See.. I love mirror! lolx

And there this panasonic photo booth (for us to take pics)
The goodie bag