Sunday, April 04, 2010

Super tiny Haul

After the MUA(Myredhouse) hauling... when we(Sophia, Kas and Amy) were checking out Inuovi... we didn't feel like getting anything at all.. well we did bought somethings.. but not alot (lolx)
I only got 1 item... black eyeliner(I need one... so it a good time to try out Inuovi liner since it's on 40% discount ^__^
Bought apair of shade at Harbour front(level 1- pushcart) SD$9.90
(I just love putting shades on buibui... cos she will stay very still! heehee)
Why the shade look wash off on buibui?? (It's a hotpink!)
Excuse my damp hair and no makeup face
(Thank You "camera's flash" washing off my redness face)
Inuovi Black glitters liner SD$20 (after discount SD$12)
Free goodie from Sophia, Kas and Ming(miwitch)
I meet Ming and another gf for movie(after shopping with Sophia, Amy and Kas) at cathay

Ming gave me 2 Kitoko Kalani's polishes(Not sure how much it cost)::
Dark plumish purple:: 1214 (which look like greyish black on nail) and Bloody red(1528)

Sophia gave me 2 foundation samples (Covermark and MAC... can't wait to try it)
KAs gave me Lancome eyecream and QH apricot scrub ^__^

Thanks for all the wonderful goodies ^___^ "kiss kiss"
See.. it a super duper tiny haul! lolx ... can't wait for Kas entry... there's this mascara's testing incident!!!