Friday, April 30, 2010

Mini Haul: Bodyshop and clinique

When I passes by The Bodyshop... saw the promotion for the Nutriganics, I have to get the eyecream! (Will not be using this anytimes soon!) I know.. I just got the skin79 eyecream the day before! (lolx)

Nutriganics Smoothing Eye cream SD$32.90 (Member promotion SD$22.90)
Nail buffer SD$4.90 (Before member 15% discount)
Bath Glove SD$8.90 (Before member discount) Bought this for my doggies!(lolx)
Check out more promotion from The Bodyshop
Check out Diana's entry on Nutriganics products + reviews
Was around Chinatown... so pop by Ivy cosmetics to get some Clinique Moisture Surge (2 for SD$9.90)
Sample size 7ml each

Point: Rice Cleansing oil SD$29.90
I got mostly facial stuff... no makeup! lolx

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skin79 Launched + 1 item haul

Went to Orchard yesterday... check out Skin79 at Watsons.

Skin79 just launch at various Watsons(Ngee Ann City, Marina Square, Bugis and Parkway Parade) yesterday.
And today(28 April) Jurong Point. 

Pics taken by miwitch using her cellphone.. I did bring my camera, but I was too chicken to whip it out in the middle of a bright store!!! Hahahhaa.... so Ming to the rescue! lolx

Why, becos my cellphone took horrible pic!!!!!
See... I can't be a spy!! "Shake head" (my pic was blurry and dark!)

OK back to more nice pics taken by Ming's cellphone.

And I got....

Skin79: The Oriental Lifting Eye controller SD26.90 (This was one the Skin79 wish list item! heehee)
Check out the skin79 products/price list  here

I know... I have like so many eyecreams that I'm rotating at the moment (MAC/Bodyshop/Cure Beauty, Lancom.....) But I love trying out eyecreams! lolx (Anyway... we can use eyecream as lip moisturizer... if my eye's lids don't like it... it would go to my lips! Right now.. my lids are loving MAC moisturelush)



For Michelle(icefrost)::

(Pic #2)See the gap?... Just poke the tweezer thru the gap and lift up the thin plastic.
(Pic#5)Then just lift the e/s pan from the pot(the glue wasn't that strong)
Easy right ^__^ 




And I got these 2 cute Giant Lipstick's coin banks for SD$3.90 at Mini toons
(member got additional 15% off)
I got these on Monday at IMM

How big was this.. it's taller then my cleaning water!



Monday, April 26, 2010

Swatches: MUA eyeshadows

OK... as promised, here's the swatches of MUA eyeshadows that I got from the fool's quest's haul.
I put all in this big palette (I stick a huge piece of magnet in the palette)
with stila, inuovi, VOV and SMH eyeshadows
Mineral Matte shadows: Hyacinth, Indigo, Dusk, Sand and Antique White
When I swatches these colors the first time..
I find that Sand and Antique White look really similar to MAC Soba and Brule
the compare swatches
Soba was abit more brown and have satin finishes.
Mineral Matte eyeshadow in Candy
Polychromatic Shadow: Wine frost, Morning Moss, Washed Denim and Lavender Haze

 Let compare Wine Frost to MAC Satin Taupe and Style Snob

 L to R: Style snob, wine frost and satin taupe
Wine frost is more purplish compare to style snob
Satin taupe is more brownish where style snob is more pinkish

Dimensional shadow:: Envy, backstage blue, voodoo and moody blue

Dimensional shadow: Suede
Polychromatic shadow: Chantilly
Dimensional shadow: Deja vous
Polychromatic shadow: Amber Gold
Chantilly look really similar to Inuovi Cosmo
compare swatches

MUA's Dimensional shadow have tiny glitters
Envy, backstage blue and voodoo have silver glitters
Moody blue have blue glitters
Amber gold and suede have gold glitters
I really like MUA shadows.... I'm looking forwards to their new collection!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

TAG: The Opposite of a HAUL ....

This was a tag done by Sophia's "The opposite of a HUAL would be... "

As I was cleaning/clearing out the stuff I've finished... I suddenly remember the tag!(lolx)
So here's the stuff I've finished...
mostly skincare/facial stuff and mascaras!
Loreal Hydrafresh instant freshness toning water
Fancl Mild cleansing oil
Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 Peeling Gel
Biotherm Biopur SOS moisturizer
Everyday mineral foundation
Sana Natural Resource Moist skincare powder 24h
Lancome uv makeup base ( sample size)
Bodyshop wisewoman eyecream
Clinque moisture surge (sample size)(x2)
Fasio Mascara (Gold tube)
Fasio Mascara (Shock free)
Maybelline cateyes mascara
Majolica Majorca mascara
Oh forgot to include 2 item in the pic: Garnier Aqua Defense moisturizer
Point Rice oil cleanser
I'll tag everyone who read this.
I loved everything I used in the above pics except :
Loreal Hydrafresh instant freshness toning water
Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 Peeling Gel

Remember the clear polish that I bought which I wanna try to out the PurseBuzz nude polish.... I finally tried it!
You can check out Pursebuzz or Sara's entry on how to create your own nude polish with mineral foundation.

The texture was too sticky.. lolx.. I guess I mixed abit too much of loose foundation!!! But the color payoff was really creamy and nice~ The finishing texture were really similar to LA Girls Matte polishes (only abit thicker)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LOTD: Free to be

This look was inspired by temptalia: Makeup You wanna eat

Products use:: On Face
- ZA True White Day Protector Sunscreen SPF26 PA++ -
- Skin79 VIP Gold Cream Super + Beblesh Cream SPF25 PA++
- Everyday Minerals foundation in Light Almond 
- Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector
MUA(Myredhouse) Mosaic Bronzing powder as blush
- NYX - Power (lip color)

Products use:: On Eyes 
MAC Paintery Paintpot as base
- MAC Brule for highlight
Stila: Lily Eyeshadow Duo : Pink on the inner 1/3 of the lids
- MAC Free to be on the center of the lids
- Urban Decay: Underland(or flash) (The Purple from Alice's book of shadow)
On outer V of the lids and blend into the crease.
- K-Palette 1 day tattoo liquid Liner in Jet black (waterproof version)
- Bourjois Clubbing black liner on waterline/tightline 

- On the brows.. K palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner(shade 01) to fill up my brows
- Dariya Palty Gold brow mascara
- K-palette : 24Hrs Real Lasting Waterproof mascara in Jet black
(Products hightlighted in blue were given to me by the company)

Question:: How would you pair MAC "free to be" eyeshadow?

2 item haul! Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach (SD$41) I bought it with some vouchers.
This only have 1.7g of product!!!
MAC Studio finish concealer have 7g and it cost SD$28!!!

A Fuso: Clear Polish SD$2.60 (@ CK dept store)
Wanna try out the Pursebuzz: How To Tip Go Nude in a Pinch
Check out Sara's blog... she did a entry on it.

We always knew that we can use pigments to make our own nail polish shades... but using mineral foundation just never crossed my mind before! lolx

 Bobbi_Brown, Dariya_palty, everyday_minerals, Fuso, haul, k_palette, LOTD, mac, mua, myredhouse, NYX, skin79, Stila, Urban_Decay, ZA,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliners

Last week, meet up with Sharon-Brand manager of Japalang Pte Ltd (exclusive local distributor for K-Palette, cure, biyou and Gransenbon). She thanks me for reviewing their Real Lasting brow's liner. (lolx.... )

And she was nice enough to meet me anywhere at my convenience and explained their company, products and website. I have fun chit chatting with her! Sharing tips and online buying experiences. She also shown me some of their other products like eyeshadow palette (which look pretty good to me).

She also gave me these to try out::
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting Volume Mascara in Jet Black (waterproof)
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner- 1 day tatto liquid liner (waterproof- new version)
  • K-palette 24H Real Lasting- 1 day tatto liquid liner (Non waterproof version)
  • 4 packs of Cure Natural Aqua Gel
I tried out everything except the Cure Natural Aque Gel(Which I'm going to try it soon). Heard alot of good reviews on it.

Here the swatches and how the products look like::

This entry I'm going to review on the eyeliners(both normal and waterproof versions)
The 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner: 1 day tattoo liners were::
  • waterproof
  • smudge= proof
  • Micro-fiber brush
  • conditioning formular

Both liners have soft brush tips..
Waterproof version, brush tip was more stiff and it was more intense compare to the normal version.
When I swatched it at the back of my hand... the normal version will bleed into the lines of my skin..
The waterproof version feel more like creamy crayon liners.
But both doesn't bleed when I drew it on my lids.
The Intensity are buildable when layer on for both versions.
Both liners were smudgeproof and waterproof! Well not so much on the normal version...
I once tear so badly that I notice a tiny smudges on the inner corner of my eye(not so bad though).

The weird thing about these liners was that the waterproof version was more easy to remove compare to the non waterproof version!!

I read that the normal version can only be removed by water.. it won't come off clean if using oil cleanser. Indeed I still can see a light greyish line on my lids after I used oil cleanser (but totally clean on waterproof liner)... so I just ran alot of water on my eyes to wash off the liner. lolx

A little test
Using water and oil cleanser
Test 1
Oil cleanser
Pic #2: I soak a Q-tip soak with oil cleanser and rub it around both swatches
(Can see the waterproof version break off abit)

Pic #3 :
I soak up a cotten pad soak with oil cleanser to clean
Waterproof version was totally clean off and I still see greyish lines for the normal version!

Test 2
I just soak up a cotton pad with water and rub it back and fore on both swatches!
The waterproof version come off easily where you still can see a greyish line for the normal version! (I have to run it under running water to wash off the color)

This was so weird right... but when I drew this liners on my lids... the Waterproof version stay on perfectly without smudging for up to 11hrs. Same goes to the normal version... it just fade abit if my lids get oily.

I put the waterproof liner to test on Saturday, I wore it out for Mayday Outdoor concert...  That day it was really sunny and hot in the afternoon (around 1pm) and it rain in around late afternoon (really humid) and the outdoor stadium was crowded and hot!  Reach home around 2am.... Have supper after the concert. (I stay out the whole day from 1pm to 2am)

I prefer the waterproof version for the intense jet black color and the lasting power!

Have been rotating both liners everyday since last Tuesday. Really loving it (I didn't say that cos it was given to me free! I swear, I simple love it! Cross my heart! lolx) 

Available at Watsons and SASA (Singapore)
Available at their offical online store's Beauty Carousel (Same price + free local shipping)
Price :: SD$19.90

Check out K-palette facebook page

No, I didn't chop off my hair... lolx (Just tie up the longer part)

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.
Information extracted from the press file.