(Review) Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Foundation

I have been trying this foundation since late Feb. The shade I've received was Pure Finish 02, which is abit dark and pinky on me.

I wanna choose the lightest shade.. but when I was swatching it at the counter... the lighter shade was too sheer. Maybe I should give Pure Finish 01 a try after I finished with Pure Finish 02.

Before I begin, I have to say that I'm a mineral foundation user. I do not have any breakout using mineral foundation(any brands, I've tried: Loreal, Revlon, Everyday mineral), silica/silicons and mica.

My review would be base on staying power, oil control and texture.

You can read about my initial review on EA mineral Foundation(with pics)
Ok.. Let see what goodness this foundation have ::

I love the packaging.. cos it's non messy and I just grind the amount I need.

After using this for afew weeks... I actually prefer the texture of this foundation over everyday mineral(but I still prefer the coverage and shade of edm).

The stuff that I love about this mineral foundation :: -Very lightweight
-Long wearing
-I do not see any powder on my face no matter how thick I applied/layer on.
-Very buildable coverage
-it wasn't cakey at all (Love)
Even after wearing the foundation for the whole day(8 or more hours)
I didn't see any foundation settle into my huge pores around my nose/chins
-I love how soft and smooth it make my face feel
-non- drying

My face feel really soft after removing the foundation.

The Stuff that I don't like about this mineral foundation ::-I have to use concealer on my acne spot/pigmentation to create a flawless look
(I don't like using concealer on my scars/spots/face except my undereyes.)
Even though the coverage is buildable.. it doen't cover redness well!
-Too pinkish...  they don't have any olive shade for fair skin.
-It contain 3 types of Paraben (preservatives) (For those who don't like having paraben in their products)
Then you have to skip this product!
With paraben in the ingredients list.. it also means that this product have a shelving life (mostly 3 yrs or 1 yr after opening)
Anyway, I'm not really bother by it, cos almost all my cosmetics contain paraben. (lolx)
- average oil control, my nose start to shine after 3-4 hrs
(well, it was expected.. cos we can't have good moisturizing product together with good oil-control)

How I use mineral foundation::
I prefer pouring out the powder in a dish and I don't do the Swirl and tap thingy. I find that kinda useless, becos all the products were being tapped off (wasting more products then using it)!
What I do was dap my flat top brush into the powder(I prefer flat top, over kabuki for the flat surface..) pack the foundation onto the brush well (just dap dap dap), when I see that I have a even powder on my brush... I dap it on my face(doing the stippling movement) and then start to blend it by swirling around my whole face(This give a perfect coverage without using/wasting too much products)
This is the tip where all mineral foundation company/makeup artist advise to do

Will I buy it?
YES, I will!!! Because I really love the non-powdery effect, the moisturizing level and the silky smooth texture.

I will get the lightest shade: Pure Finish 01(to try when I finished my mineral foundations)

Available at all Elizabeth Arden Beauty Counters
Mineral Foundation - Price: SD$58
Price : SD$42
(Check out Diana's review- Thanks Sara)

I am not affiliated with Elizabeth Arden, they didn't paid me to do this!!
This review was base on my own experiences.