Thursday, March 04, 2010

Review: Elizabeth Arden New White Glove Extreme Skincare

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Clarifying Foam CleanserThis clarifying foaming cleanser, will brightens our dull complexion while gently removing impurities, non-drying and suitable for sensitive skin.  

Price : SD$57

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Gentle Brightening LotionThis soothing loton, refreshes skin while soften and brightening up our appearance. It's gentle, non-drying fomula removes lingering traces of makeup and dead skin cell on our skin surface. Prepare the skin for better absortion of skincare. Alcohol-free, gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Price : SD$67

My say::
I stop using both after 2weeks. I find that the cleanser and brightening lotion  were too mild for my combination skin, especially on my T-zone. (I have oily T-zone and dry patchy cheeks) It make my Tzone very oily. But on my cheeks, it feels really nice, moist and smooth.

And beause of the lack of oil-control, I have some break-out on my nose's rim and chin. Well not much only 2, lolz... I'm not counting it!!! (Myth::: the more you count the more will pop out.. *touch wood*)

Even with the lack of oil control, I have no complains on the foamy cleanser.. it's really really foamy and soothing when I wash my face and it's not drying.  And as for the toning lotion, I really didn't feel that it work anything on me! 

I would say that both the cleansing foam and Brightening lotion were more suitable for dry to normal skin types.

So, I pass the Cleanser and Lotion to my mum(She's 50+ with normal skin type). She love the cleansing foam and lotion, she has been using it for almost 2 weeks now. No break out or anythings...  but it was too soon to see improvement.

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Skin Brightening Day EssenceThis Silky serum will penetrate deep within our skin's surface to improve the look of our skin's texture, tone and clarity as it strengthens and firms skin appearance. And prep our skin for aborbing mositurizer well. 

Price : SD$133

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Skin Brightening Pore Refining GelLight, oil-free gel emulsion: For brightening Skin, minimizes dark spots, discolorations and pores. Skin looks matte, radiant and smooth while pores are visibly refined. 

Price: SD$102

My say:I have no problems with these 2 products, it didn't cause any break-out on me.
I love the essence, but I only use it for about 2 weeks(as I ran out of it, I only have a sample size) I love the silky smooth feel, and it does make moisturize absorb well.

As for the pore-refining, it was non-oily (which is good) ... I do not know whether is this or the overnight capsules, but I did notice that my old acne's spots were lighten abit after 2 weeks.  I do not see any further brightening on my skin(maybe I already reached my limit on fairness?!? lolx) but I can say that I do not look dull.

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Brightening Eye Moisture CreamThis is a gentle eye cream which target for dark circles, minimize the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, calm and hydrate the skin around the eyes. 

Price : SD$80

My Say:
I like the eye creams... I can see the fine lines under my eyes look more moist, and it does minimize abit of the deep lines (Love it) BUT, it not calming enough for my eye's lids(I have itchy eye's lids, lolx) and my huge eye's bags when I don't sleep well. As for dark circle... I didn't see any improvement. Maybe becos I only use this for about 2 weeks+ (I finished my sample)

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Skin Brightening Overnight CapsulesA quick-absorbing, skin-smoothing capsules that work overnight to boost Skin appearance. The concentrated fomula help to replenish skin's natural collagen level to receive the benefits of pure vitamin C. It will brighten skin appearance while mimimizing the dark spots and discolorations. With a single dose capsule, skin will brighten overnight and awakens to a transucent, radiant and even-tone appearance. 

Price : SD$132

My say::When I start using this.. I fall in love with it, cos it absorbed very fast, my skin feel silky smooth and I notice that my skin look radiant the next day! So I use it everynight for the 1week plus (Huge mistake!)

Apparently it was too rich for my combination skin!! My skin start to feel really oily after 2 hrs. It was so greasy! And it didn't help much cos, from above I mention that I have 2 huge acnes around my Tzone... and the oil on my face = feeding ground for my acnes =(  (It took a while for them to recover!)

So I stop using this for afew days until my acnes come down.. and my skin return back to it normal stage... I then start using the calpsules once every week. So far so good!

I did not use the pore refining gel at night, I rotate between Clinique Moisture surge(for moisturizing my skin) and Biotherm Biopur SOS Normalizer (calming/healing my acnes).

My mum(She's normal skin type) love the capsules, she have no problems using it everyday!!! Her skin look more radiant, soft and supple after 2 weeks!!  

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme's Brightening UV Protector SPF 50 PA++ 
Check out the review ->> here <<- (Price : SD$79)

My fave out of the whole collection would be the UV protector, essence and overnight capsules(don't use it everyday).

The whole Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme collection will be avaibable in Singapore on
18 March 2010

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