Random haul

This afternoon went to see "Alice in the wonderland"(non 3D version) with my sister(Ariya) and it make me fall in love with Johnny Depp all over again! lolx (Well.. I fall in love with him everytimes I see his new movie.kekekee)

I met Johnny Depp once at Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Singapore and I didn't wash the hand that he shoke for a month!! (Nah~ just kidding) 

OK...back to the haul!
I do alittle shopping with my sister around ViVo and Ion (some of the stuff belong to her!)

At Sasa, My sister got 3 boxes of faux lashes(for her dolls) SD$3.90 each
3 nail polishes (SD$4 each)
And I got the Fiberwig in Classic Wine shade(I saw this feathering in a Hongkong mag!)
Free Fiberwig mascars with any purchase of Fiberwig mascara!
(I got the golden brown one) (SD$25) 

Burt's bee shampoo from Sephora and The BodyShop Wisewoman eyecream
I have been searching for TBS eyecream for almost aweek now(OOS at most outlets!)
(Have been using MAC eyecream since I ran out of it!)  

At Etude House (My sister love their skincare products)
Moistfull Collagen Emulsion SD$34.90
Moistfull Collagen Essence SD$43.90
Free 3 pack of Moistfull collagen samples(toner/emulsion), a bb cream sample

On the back of the Emulsion bottle.. there this little pop out dots(Kinda like those writing for blinds)
Interesting right? I really have no idea what it was meant for other than that!

And check out the characters from Zoo Keeper!
She want to collect the whole set... but half way thru.. the capsule's machine got JAMMED!!
(Still short of 5 or 6 characters) 

The products I mention below...are just lemming ^___^
I didn't purchase any of it!
At VIVO tang... I passes by Shu uemura counter....
And my fingers just go straight over to the blushes!!!
Remember Kas entry on Shu's blushes?
I swatched the one on the left(the 1st arrows) and the one on top of #2
I really like the orange one!!! Argggg... I shouldn't swatched it!

I also try the UV under base mousse and OMY! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Not oily or sticky at all! The texture was totally like those hair mousse..
but it spread evenly, and smooth over the back of my hand
Very nice!! I LOVE it!!!
(I still have RMK base to finish first!!) -_-" 
OK... that's all!! I should stop checking out new products! lolx (My lemming list is getting longer and longer!)