Monday, March 22, 2010

MUA (My Red House) Goodies Bag and a Mini haul

OK.. this is the Haul/what inside the goodie bag entry.
Let start with the Goodie bag from MUA(My Red House).

Samples from Lush::  Porridge Soap, Vitamin E facial steam(have no idea what this is) and color supplement

2 sheer satin eyeshadow pans (5A14 and 572)
A sponge
2 pigment samples
The lush color supplement... without adding any moisturizer... it already feel really moisturizing!

The pigment samples (We got to choose 2 colors)

I bought 3 eyeshadows(I like almost all the colors in the mineral matte collection!)
2 Mineral Matte shadows and Polychromatic Shadow

Next at Ocean, I only bought Biotherm Biopur SOS Normalizer exfoliating lotion(Fave toner)
Ivy Cosmectics- Clinque Turnaround concentrate sample and eyeliner sharpener
Mix and Match- a pack of 1m long chain

Good for making Charm bracelet/necklaces
At Cathay- I got 2 snake like(can be twist around) bangle bracelet(???)
 SD$5 each
Can be twist into a ring too

A tiny demo...
Cute isn't it! lolx(it was more fun twisting it then wearing it!)

At Plaza Singapura's John Little
I bought the latest Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting Concealer in shade #52 (SD$19.90)
Right now John little having 20% discount.
The texture was amazingly soft (It does concealer fine lines really well when I swatch it at the back of my hand).
Gonna try this on my undereyes, hopefully it can cover my fines lines and correct abit of my blueish dark circle!
(I didn't get the lightest shade which is 51... cos I want a darker/peachy shade to correct my blueish dark circles) 

Personally, when I swatch this... it feel more like a face primer (only need atiny bit and I can spread it all over the back of my hand!)... and it doesn't look cakey, feel silky smooth and even! (I love how it feel... hopefully it will feel the same on my face undereye areas 

That's all...  I can't wait to try out the MUA eyeshadows, Lush color supplement and Bourjois concealer!!!