Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Swap

My mini swap with Sara (icyabstract).
After knowing that she was so temtped to get Lush's solid perfume in Vanilliary. I PM her... cos I personally don't really fancy it (it was too sweet... I love Jasmine and vanilla.. but with them together it was just too much for me! lolx)... so one thing led to another... we decided to swap ^__^
So here's the stuff she sent me ^__^ I totally love her choice!!!

She remember the stuff I like ^___^ The MM green polish was so beautiful!!!
Etude house primer(I have planned to order this thru Ling's website-You won't know how thrill I was when I see it! heehee)

Lush soap - Miranda sample (love the kiwi, orangey scent...) and 2 bbcream samples 

I can't wait to try out the Etude house eye primer.... Oh and a collective haul entry coming up soon (Yes, have been doing some online shopping! lolx)