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Nothing fancy....

Just finished my Fancl cleansing oil...  and since I was at Jurong East, I pop by the beauty store(the one around cash converter, I never really notice the name of the store! lolx) and get my fave cleansing oil "Point Rice Cleansing oil" (It's a korean brand) SD$29(Retail price: SD$36.25)

The oil is very thin, easy to spread around my face! I always pump around 2 times, warm it up on my palms and then gently massage onto my face and get another 1 or 2 pumps,  warm it up and then gently press it on my eyes and use my fingers to slowing rubbing up+down motion(not circular) on my lashes until it become soft... wet my fingers tip and emulsion the oil around my eyes and lashes(first) then wet my whole palm and emulsion my whole face before rinse it with water.

I don't like rubbing my face with a cotton pad/tissue, too harsh on my skin. And I'm just pure lazy... prefer a makeup removal that I can use it in the bath room!

At IMM's Watsons, my sister bought the BRTC bbcream set at SD$49 and I got the Ardell Adensive SD$8.90(?)

On Sunday, at Watson Fair, I bought the Renew Rose hip oil SD$22 (Original price is SD$29.90)

Last week, my sis came home with the rest of Rhomlon eyeliners (SD$5.90 each)

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