Meet Up:: MAC Spring Colors collection + Mini bday celebration <3

OK... It's 4am and I'm not abit sleepy at all! lolx....
so what I do??? Blogging...

Meet up with the onsugar's babes to check out the MAC Spring Colors launch at Orchard Tangs in the evening! MAC was so crowded!!! Anyway... I got what I planned to get (Which is a Springshine blush ombre)

Look at the mirror behind... can see me(in red) kekekee

This is a blurry cute pic~ lolx
After checking out the collection/purchased... we walked over to Heeren McDonald's for dinner.
(I didn't take any pics at the Mcdonald's... wait for Diana's entry!)

After dinner... walking out of Heeren-  going towards 313 to check out Nature Republic... And when I was trying to take pic of Diana... a group of ppls walked in and one of the girl was smiling and doing the "V"(peace sign) towards my len! lolx (I didn't capture it... cos I was waiting for them to pass... hahaha)
Munirah and Debx
Outside Nature Republic @ 313

I didn't take any pics inside the store.... busying swatching, checking out the products and looking at Rain's photo album! (Check out Diana's blog.. I saw her taking pics ^__^)

After that... Amy and I sneak off to get a cake for the bday girls ^__^ We got the "Icing Room" DIY deco cake. (Me likey..  ^__^ yum yum)
Amy and I... DIY-ing the cake....
Diana called us, saying that they will be having coffee at coffee beans... so Amy and I wait at the icing room until kas came and surprise them ^__^
But Sophia kinda guessed!! lolx
Group pic.. minus AB(cos she's the photographer! lolx)
and some of them already left..
Amy, Kas, Sophia and I walk over to Liat Tower to chill at Starbucks (My sis-Ariya came over so that we all can take a cab home together)
Now "rolling 2 fingers" waiting for Diana and all other's update entries!!! 

Let see if I can remember everyone who came to the outing...
Diana, Sophia, Kas, Amy, AB, Sarah, Me, Clara(dblchin), kim(rainydays)  , Michelle(icefrost),  Debx, Munirah, Wirda, Janet, iliaric, missfoxyazza and who else??? (So sorry (old brain la)...if I left you out, leave me a comment and your blog's URL(if you have one) so that I can check it out too!)

I didn't talk much to almost everyone new to the outing!! All I remember was that I keep smiling and starring! (I was registering your name and face to my brain! Heehee)

Oh... I remember Vion.. she's so cute!! Very Super friendly and like Sophia... She make me feel so shy when she say she's a fan of our blogs. (Thanks sweetie.)