Monday, March 15, 2010

Maquillage Eyes creator, Brow wax and Rouges

((Part 1))
Shisedo Maquillage gave me these products to review(What's better way to review makeup... A LOTD ^__^)

Before I get into the LOTD... let see what I got and the swatches.

She let me choose between BE763 and VI767 (SD$69)
I chose BE763 (cos some purples don't look good on me) 

Only the pink and the gold have bright and tiny glitters where the taupe color is just a frost
On the right were the cream swatches.

Maquillage have 5 new eyes creator(3D palettes)

Brow's wax!! (brow's mascara)
I have been wanting to try this 
Price : SD$34 

Swatches and compare with the brow's mascara/set I have in my stash
(beside the brow wax were the lip's swatches) 

Comparing to MAC browset and Dariya Palty brow mascara


Swatching on paper towel (cos I notice that the back of my hand were very shiny..)
When I swatching these on paper towel..
The Maquillage brow wax was the lightest, but surprisingly not as light as Dariya Palty brow mascara when I applied on my brows. 

From left to right: Maquillage, MAC and Dariys Palty 

I wet my finger and start rubbing the swatches of the brow's set/mascara/wax
WOW at the Maquillaga's brow wax... 
I love how long wearing and good staying power of MAC browset...  

But look at the Maquillage brow's wax... even more smudge proof then MAC browset!
Next time, I'm going to try Maquillage out on a hot and humid day to see how well it last! 

For the Brow wax, they have 3 shades
Lasting Perfect Rouge RD559 (i got the darker shade in the whole colleciton) SD$49
Glossy Perfect Rouge RD519 (SD$49)
(This look dark.. but it more like a lipgloss pink)
Can see swatches from above(under the brow wax swatches)
Anyway, below are the lip's swatches

Both lip's products were very moisturizing. 
(I don't use alot of lip products before so i can't compare it.)

I don't really adore dark lip colors, cos I find that it make me look abit too much! lolx

After I clean off the swatches 
(I just run my hand under running water from tap and wipe it off with tissue) 

The lasting perfect rouge was really long lasting!

Maquillage Lasting Perfect Rouge and Glossy Perfect Rouge
Price : SD$49 (each)
3D Eyes Creator palette 
Price : SD$69 (each)

Eyebrow Wax  
Price : SD$34

Part 2 : LOTD  

Part 3: 2nd LOTD  

I am not affiliated with the company
Products from Maquillage were provided for consideration.