Fasio Launch event at Bugis's BHG

From 5th to 11 March 2010
Fasio will be having a launch event at Bugis's BHG (Click pic)

The Fasio Hyper-stay Mascara Magne-plus was one of my lemming mascaras!!!! I so wanna pop by to check out the great offer..... sadly... I don't think I will be able to go! (Hmm.. maybe I can.. on the last day!)

The Fasio whitening eye essence (SD$9) look nice~ I never tried any of their skincare ranges before.. so far, I only tried their liquid foundation, press powder, Cleansing oil(not bad), /Point(eyes/lips) makeup removal, waterproof sunblock and mascaras(This is the best!)


AB was asking me which is my fave mascara from Fasio.

I would like to say is this Lash Style Perfecter Mascara in Blue(If I didn't remember wrongly) 
(At first I didnt like the mascara.. but after having it for a month, I grow to love it! lolx)
Even though it blue but it look black on the lashes, The black wasn't flat black, it's a glossy black.
Which kinda brighten up your eyes abit.

Lash Bloom Perfecter in black (It will made your lash become a butterfly or something like that! lolx)
I love this mascara at first, but after having it for awhile.. where the formula dries up abit, it become so tacky!
The mascara is very pigmented (very black, I like)

 I think I tried almost all the mascara from fasio(except the color digi one) The older collection which is a grey tube(this is the first I've ever tried) and then follow by for shock proof curl (which is a white and silve tube). Their mascara so far never fail me. Even though they are hard to remove! But I have no problems with them ^__^

Last night, xiaomei told me her ex-boss need someone to help take care of an injuried doggie. They found her lying in the middle of the road bleeding, they can't find the owner... so for the time being.. they don't have the time to take care of her... and I have all the time in the world! lolx

She look like my precious momo (which passes away in June 2009)... I have to take care of her for 10days and they will come and bring her back to the vet to remove the stitches on her front right leg. She's very sweet... my buibui was so jealous of her.. keep demand for our attentions (I guess female doggies will get jealous of each other? Where peapea feel pretty ok with her being around!) (Pic taken last night when she just came)

This morning... I trimmed some of her fur on her face!! It keep sticking into her eyes! lolx Now she look so refreshing! 

Update:(march 7) they called.. found the owner,(He's a policemen) and he told us the name of his doggie is "Yuki"  but he only can come over to double confirm on Tues. I was abit sad for "Yuki" ... If I was the owner and I lost my doggie, I can't wait to FLY over to check on my dog!! (Imagine how lost and scare the doggie will feel!) Hai~

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