Saturday, March 06, 2010

Blogger mini party: Get to know Anna Sui Cosmetics

Yesterday, a few bloggers including me were invited to a Get to know bloggers/Anna Sui cosmetics event/mini party(?) By Sandra from the PR company Sinkid who handle Anna Sui Cosmetics.

We meet for a drinks + snacks at Mezza9 martini bar at Hyatt before heading over to Isetan Orchard to check out their products/counter(Get to know more about the brand and their products).

The lighting was so dim and it was so hard to take good nice pics without being blurry(I gave up after afew shots!).. anyway, you get the idea! lolx (It's a tiny party for us to meet and get to know each others). I ordered a Virgin Passion (which is passion fruit juice+lemon juice+syrup... me likey~ very refreshing and sour! No martini for me, heehee) The finger foods were delicious!!

I forgot to take pics of the skinny fried chicken wings(which look like frog's leg) and spring roll(The spring rolls was so tasty!)

Pic(below) taken from Sara's blog.

I didn't know who's going to be there.. so when I saw mag and kas .. I was so happy! lolx

And we get to know someone New, a fashion/beauty blogger Mina (she's so energetic!!! I saw her dancing at the Anna Sui's counter! lolx)

Kas and me
Mag and me

After that, we all walked over to Isetan Orchard to check out the counter and products. Kas have to go off early!
Personally, I never own or tried any of anna sui products before... any, it's a good time to start now!

I learn that all Anna Sui products have Rose scent in it and it is cater for sensitive skin people, like Sara... I was abit confuse cos they do contain fragrance. Irene said that their fragrance used in the products are not chemical fragrances. It was nature botanical extract and Rose have a calming effect on sensitive skin. OK~
Click the pic to see it in full size on my FB
I was busying checking out the stuff that interests me.. I forgot to take more close up pics of their various products! The BAs were really friends, anyone who interested can just head down to the counter and ask/swatch any products you like ^__^
OK. below were the products that caught my attentions::
I want this display!!!
Control color UV primer (SD$49)
2 shades (Blue and pink) ... 
Sara said it grey where Irene(the friendly trainer) said is Green.
(From my pic.. it does look green! lolx)
I was pretty interested in the blue/green/greyish Primer
I love the texture, not thick, oily or sticky (Thumb's up!)
Sara and I were checking out the cute lip rouges, Irene came over and intro us their popular clear lip balm that will changes color with the body temperature. Very interesting!!!! Why I never ask for the price!!!Rouge Jar 001(SD$28)

The mother's day palettes (SD$58 each)
Lips and eyeshadows palettes
My pic didn't capture the colors well... Check out Sara's

The blackish blue with purple sheen and the yellowish gold look really nice~

Anna Sui have this membership rewards program!
Collection points to redeem interesting products!
The cute membership card
Taken from Sara
(I love this shot!!)

Sandra and me

After checking out almost everythings at the counter, we were each given a pretty goodie bag!
Mag, Sara and I (We bump into Linn~ She's so sweet ^__^) I didn't get any blushes from the Too Fabulous collection. ^__^ And then move over to Ion foodcourt for drinks while waiting for Christy and Iris. Mag was so cute la.. We have a moment of "What's in your makeup pouch" (I didn't have one! lolx.. too lazy to touch up!) 

Thanks Iris for giving us (Sara and me) a lift home, and I didn't knew that she live so close to us!! It's like afew blocks down from Sophia's!!!! (it's a small small world after all! )
I wanna thanks Sandra(Sinkid) and Anna Sui cosmetics for the sweet invitation and generous goodie bag! 

It was a fun and relaxing event ^__^
Check out the "what's in the Goodie bag +LOTD" entry)
Check out FB for the rest of the pics.

Mother's day palette (lips or eyeshadows) SD$58each
Control Color Primer UV SD$49
Eye Color Accent(Single eyeshadow)  SD$35
Eye Glitter SD$30
Liquid Eye color SD$33
Eyelash curler SD$19
Cute black hair band SD$26
Both Rock Me! and Rock Me! Summer of love(lighter version) SD$71 each for 30ml