Another wonderful outing with ""sugarbabes"

((Not the UK band! lolx))

Yesterday(20 March 2010-Sat), We have another wonderful and fun outing.
By now... most of you have already read Sophia and Diana entries(if you haven't click the links)

When I was there(Joey's condo) the guard told me that I have to register... but when I look at him again, he just shake his head and say "Nevermind"... lolx

First we(AB, Amy, Diana, Kas, Sophia and me) meet at MUA(Myredhouse) studio, which was located in Joey's condo around lakeside. (Joey the owner of MUA). She welcome us with yummy desserts from icing-room(the cakeshop that we bought the DIY cake for Sophia,Kas and Ab-bday) and lovely ice-teas!

After the mini teas party.. we move over to MUA studio(which was like a makeup wonderland-as mention by kas)... Diana and I was like... "I want a room like this~" lolx (I can spend hours in the room doing my makeup slowly everyday~ LOVE)

Check out Diana's blog for short video of the studio

I was lost in the sea of makeup...
Busy swatches everythings.. lolx

We have our 2nd round of yummy desserts, teas and chitchatting and Joey gave us each a goodie bag ^__^

And then more pics...

After spending about 3hrs at Joey's wonderful, pretty condo apartment.. we all took cabs down to Chinatown for more shopping!!!! (The weather wasn't hot but very humid!! My hair was sticking on my neck! lolx)

We check out Ocean, the ring shop(Diana got her pretty rings at), Dragon D'or, Ivy Cosmectic and Mix and Match before having late lunch early dinner at Chinatown Point Subway!

Around 6plus..  went over to Cathay to meet ming(miwitch) (she's was there taking pics of her friends cosplaying for the event)
We just chilling around.... more foods, coffee and shopping ^__^

We part around 11.30.. and went home with my sister who just got off from work.
It was such a fun day, agree with Amy, time passes by so fast! 
Next stop... Mustafa centre!!!  ^__^

Haul entry coming up soon....

Thanks Joey for the wonderful hospitality, yummy desserts/teas and goodie bag ^__^