Urban Decay Disney Alice In Wonderland haul

I bought the Urban Decay Disney Alice In Wonderland book of shadows.

I was not into this palette and never thought of getting it! BUT..... when I walk around Ngee Ann City (was too early for the Majolica Majorca's workshop at the Shiseido office) and passes by Sephora.
So when I saw the book of shadows at the glass shelving beside the entrance.... I swatched it! (I told myself that If I like 3 colors in this palette then I buy it....) before I knew, I told the SA I want one!  There's the lame story...... "shake head"
No more buying new eyeshadows for now (I donno about next month.. lolx)
The palette was cute... but it was so huge!! For now, I don't find it troublesome.. cos it's new... I donno what I would think after afew months! lolx

I show it to my sis and she love the pop up and comment that it should have some music, like a musical box! lolx I don't think it will cost SD$88 anymore if they add music in it!!