Tag: My drugstore wishlist

I was tagged by lovely Reyenal(Eka) for this fun tag! 
OK... I just list those that came across my tiny brain recently!

VOV ColorSong blushes (these are new one)
I found just their website and notice alot of the collection we don't have it here in Singapore =(
But these blushes look really tempting!!!
Loreal H!P (of course)
(I kinda list those that we can't get it here!) lolx
I like the 3 in the front row!
Fiberwig mascara
From this entry Amy told me Fiberwig was really GOOD
And Kas also told me it was good during one of the onsugar's meetup
And of-course the Majolica Majorca Mascara

Fasio The 10th anniversary Mascara
I might not purchase all the stuff I mentioned above.. but it good to dream about having all of them! lolx

I'm going to tag(I try not to tag those that have been tagged!) :::
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Sophia (http://retailtherapy.onsugar.com/)
eclecticsatire (http://eclecticsatire.onsugar.com/)
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