Review: Fancl Washing powder

I got this as a freebie when I purchased their Mild Cleansing oil. I've used this for a week....

The powder was really fine and the foam were very easy to form!
Foam it with the ball they provided or without it (it won't be as foamy.. but it works the same)

The foam was soft and it's a good cleansing powder that cleanse the face very well.. 
It's just a normal facial cleansing without any additional benefit.
Didn't cause me any breakout nor making my face feel too dry or itchy (Good)
Suitable for normal to oily skin and for those who are lazy to lather up their cleanser before putting on the face! 
It kinda force you do lather it! lolx

I personally think that this product work best for oily skin becos, it force you to lather the powder up. 
The foam is good at getting into your pores and lift up all the dirts, oils and impurities on your face! 
With clean face.. the chances of having blemish are lower ^__^

For me, I'm enjoying the lathering process when I'm in the shower(be it cleanser or shampoo)..
I love to have alot of foam before putting it on my face or hair! So I don't really need any pushing in that field! lolx
Anyway, I prefer a cleanser that have some additional benefits...
Like anti blemish/softness/moisturizing/calming effect.

That's why, I prefer Biotherm cleansing mousse(Biopur and Zn biothersource), becos the mousse were thick(But thicker then Fancl), creamy(but not oily) and made my face feel smooth, moist and prep my face to absorb moisturizer really well!

At the moment I'm using Elizabeth Arden Cleansing foam(For the reviewing)... So far so good.
(I kinda miss the feel of the thick and creamy foam of Biotherm Cleansing mousse! lolx)

I'm not rating this products.. cos everyone feel differently on it. (I leave this part to you all ^__^)
All I can say was that... this is a good cleansing powder.. nothing bad to complains about!!
Check out Diana's review on Fancl cleansing Powder if you are interested in getting this... more reviews to compare ^__^ yeah