Monday, February 22, 2010

Mini Surprise bday party + Inuovi hauling

Before Meeting the rest of the girls at VIVO... Kas, Amy and I went to Orchard Kino to collect the Agnes B Mook. Rush over(Luckily we're not that late... else it will ruin the surprise for Sarah ^__^

Sophia, Diana and Anonymous Bosch(Who wish to remain anonymous) were the first to be there... getting the cake/tables/chair ready at Pacific cafe (Such a nice and cosy corner!! GOOD GOOD!!!)

We have COFFEE while we waited for the rest + Bday girl(Sarah) to arrive... 
Soon Roseanne, Honey and Oro(according to Honey's blog) Elaine(Thanks Honey for the link) came.... and Finally....
After Singing Bday's song... finishing the cake... we head over to Inuovi
Thanks to the Beautiful, lovely and wonderful Sarah for sharing her bday 40% discount! ^__^

More group shots....

Over at Inuovi
(That's Anonymous Bosch)

Lolx... look at me!!!!!
Munirah(??) Oops! Abit burry~
Lolx.. at Sophia!!!

After hauling and tons of pics later - we settle at Carl's Jr for dinner, chit chatting and relaxing ^__^

Hot and humid day made my hair look flat and greasy!! I think I lost some pounds today... NO?????? Kekekeke :b

I didn't spend much today ^___^ Which is good!!! Just Agnes B mook's tote (Forgot to take a pic of it... so I just included the official link) and a bottle of Brush Cleanser at Inuovi (40% off)

I just tried the brush cleanser.. the texture was very similar to Suesh Brush Cleanser! <3

(Did I left anyone out????)
Sophia, thank you so much for the Estee Lauder foundation sample ^__^ can't wait to try it!