Mini Haul at Tangs Bazaar

I spent my Sunday with my mum shopping at Suntec!
We check out Tang of-course! I always love Tang sales!! Got alot of really great bargins!!!!!!! <3

I got a medium size bag from Stella Stella (SD$39- it's was on 60% off!!!), RMK creamy makeup base(SD$30) and Decleor 10days radiance powder cure(SD$17)

Decleor 10days radiance powder cure(SD$17)
I got this to share with my mum ^__^ (We have to finished this 10ml bottle within 10days!)

RMK Creamy Makeup base!
I felt abit cheated!

When I saw the RMK creamy makeup bases, I notice there's abit different to the one I got "RMK Creamy Polished Base", so I asked the BA and she told me this is the different range. Anyway, I decided to try it.

(I Bumped into Kas after awhile... she was as usual having a disco ball hand! lolx)
Why I felt cheated? Well, when I told kas this is a different range compare to the one I got before... she asked the BA! And then she told her what she told me before... And when we were chatting about oil control and ects... she(BA) suddenly told us the one that they're selling are not the Mat version!!!! (The tester were "RMK creamy makeup base Mat")

O.o~ "Huh? I ask why the tester is Mat??? She say the texture is the same but without the oil control!!!! Like that also can!! But she clearly told us that only the clear base is non-mat version but the 01shade is the Mat version!! But look at mine... also non-mat version =(

Stella Stella bag

It got 3 different straps

That's all!! My mum also got a Stella Stella small bag(it's up to 60% off.. great bargin!!!) And some other random stuff! lolx