LOTD: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay

On Sunday Sophia gave me a sample for Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in 1W1 Bone 17 (We have the same shade!) ^__^ Thanks again for the sample!

It's been about 5yrs since I touches any Liquid foundation.. I always find them too thick and it always settle into my pores leaving pore marks(with or without makeup bases) on my face if you look closely.  It's the texture of my skin.. it just didn't take liquid foundation really well!

I even tried to mix it with liquid/essence to make the foundation less thick.. it still look the same on my face! I start using mineral foundation when Relvon release the collection here in Singapore back in 2006/2007 (can't remember)

When I look at the foundation, I thought it will look dark on my face... turn out it was OK. lolx
The foundation was creamy/thick.. very easy to spread out, not cakey at all! My face look so fair.. it does concealer my redness face!

From the pic: left side of my face, I use foundation brush where the other side I use my fingers to blend in
(I find that using fingers.. I used less products!)

Personally it the best liquid foundation I've ever tried... well, I never tried alot before.. just some drugstore brands. Fasio, Loreal and Maybelline. 

But it's still settle into my pores! I still have tiny pores marks on my cheeks(near my nose areas), but it wasn't that bad or serious!!! Only can be seen when you are about 5-7cm away from the mirror!!!

I know I know.. even my mineral foundation settle into my pores after afew hrs.... 
My sisters and friends said that I'm crazy!! Becos not one saint person will stand that close to look at your face! Ok, I got the point! I think as long as we have visible pores... the liquid sure will settle abit in it no matter what you do.. unless I put some tile sealer on my face!

Anyway.. after I apply the foundation and set it with loose powder on my face it feel so smooth...  feel like I have nothing on my face! I likey. It look very matte on my face. And now after 6hrs.. I still look like I just applied the foundation, just a tiny tiny shine on my nose tips (the rest of the face still look fresh!).

It's does deliver what it say it would... long lasting, lightweight, won't change color and it smudge proof!!!!!  (Do note that today, the weather wasn't that humid/ hot and I didn't sweat at all! )

I like that it gave me a nice glowy look (even on camera you can see a bit different.. I look abit matte compare to my previous pics which is always dewy! lolX) even though my mineral foundation doesn't last that long like EL.

My sister just came home(time 9.50pm) and I ask her how my face look, she say very matte! lolx (She's so used to see me in mineral foundation with dewy finishing!) 

Products I used:
On my face::-Garnier Sunblock lotion
-RMK creamy base in 01
-Estee Lauder Liquid Foundation
-set it with silica base loose powder
-Barry M terracotta blush on cheek.
(I didn't use concealer... not even on my undereye dark circles)

On my eyes:
-MAC Jest on the whole lids blended out
-Loreal superliner
-Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Primer
-Fasio butterfly waterproof mascara