Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Haul: MAC(All Ages, All Races, All Sexes + Lilyland collections) + Our little meet up

Meet up with Amy, Kas and Sophia at Orchard ION for dinner/chilling/shopping....
(before meeting them, I was hanging out with my friend... having late lunch, then she went off meeting her other friends. And I meet up with the girls)

Sophia told us that MAC collections were OUT!! (All race... and lilyland)
SO I got these

 We went to ION Sephora -> Tang ->Far East Plaza's Paz(is this the name of the store?)

Stalking at MAC counters.. happily swatching their eyeshadows and blushes(The back of my hand was so sore after swatching and cleaning!) 

Have dinner at Burger King, we planned to have Carl Jr... apparently Far East Plaza change their fast food outlets like we change our nail polishes!!  =( After late dinner we have ice-cream(what was the name???) at Orange Julius(Just outside Burger King) and we have fun over there... chit chatting... joking... took alot of pics!!!!


Donno who say what and who start first... I can't stop laughing!
It totally stolen my eyes =( lolx

Kas keep saying... the shoot need glitters nail polish! And off she go digging out her polish
And we took a pic without her.. but look at them!
All looking at different direction except me.. hee hee

Finally! A good shot! After donno how many takes!!!!!
Like kas said... it need glitters! lolx


Guess who?

Ok... now onto my MAC haul's pics!
Personal Style Beauty powder blush (SD$35)
From All Ages, All races, All sexes collection

<s>I need to take the swatches pics during day time!</s>
Edited with new clearer swatches!

Cream blush (i totally didn't planned or even think about getting this nor swatching it at the counter!)
But when I saw Amy and Sophia happily swatching it... I cannot stop myself... my hand just reach for it!!
So I got the Joie-de -Vivre, a peachy coral cream blush (SD$35)
From Lilyland collection

Sophia told us that Patina is her fave eyeshadow.. I have to see it and when she show it to me.. I LOVE IT

Oh... I also received my OPI suede polish in the mail today yesterday!

I have alot of fun today!!!! We should do it more often... and hopefully the Benefit order will come in soon!!! Before CNY and we all can meet again and share all the lemming and jokes(well that Kas department!) I will bring alot of tissues! Hee hee hee hee =Þ