Review: DHC Acne Spot Therapy

Got this treatment cream for about a month now and have been using it every night. So far this little tube of wonder never fail me  <3 

I like it.. even those it took abit longer to heal the acne!
About 3 days to a week to heal a huge acne.
What I love about this was that it heal the scar as well!!
Totally no left over red spot mark!!!
I wonder will it heal my old acne scars/marks?!?!?!?!?
I don't mine that it took abit longer to heal, cos it will leave me with no scar/spot after a week or so which normally took months to fade!

Anyway, I don't advise to keep using this cream on the same spot for more then a week..
I find that it make that area of the skin abit dry but not flakey type.
Stop using it on the same spot for a day, let it rest and use it the next day.

I will keep buying until I came across a much better one in future!

What causes acne scars?? To repair the damage done to the dermis, the skin forms new collagen fibers. Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives the skin its strength and flexibility. As the wound heals, the body sometimes produces too much collagen, which creates a mass of raised tissue on the skin's surface. This type of scarring is called hypertrophic, or keloid, scarring/acne scar. 


Scar Prevention
To lessen the chance of scarring, try to reduce inflammatory breakouts as much as possible. 
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How I treat my acneDo keep in mind that not everyone treat acne the same way.. this is just the way that work on me!
When I have huge acne scars that feel abit painful.. I love to soak up a cotton pack with Biotherm SOS exfoliante lotion and mask it. (Cos I find that it will calm the acne and the redness will reduce abit) After that I apply DHC acne spot therapy to prevent futher infection.

I also try to consume less sugar cos sugar will darken our acne scarring. It's so ironic that when we apply sweet stuff on our face it will calm and reduce redness ... but when we eat it, it will darken our scars/spot/marks!!!!!!

A quick tip on calming a redness spot on our face before makeup.... "eye drop"!  It work on me! lolx

A weird tip on fading old acne marks/scars
Using scotch tape to fade acne marks (I learn this tip from Vivawoman!).. On clean face, put a tape on the acne mark and peel the tape off. Apparently.. the tape help to remove the top layer off the skin and with that gone... the scars heal more faster.  I tried doing it 1 or 2 days.. but I keep forgetting it... I should start doing it again tomorrow and see if it really works! lolx (No harm trying right... it doesn't cost me more then SD$0.50 to get a roll of tape!)

Price SD$29.90
Available at Watsons Singapore

Have any weird tips to share?!?!?