One item haul!

Guess what I got today?

It's RMK makeup base SD$58 that Sophia raved about!!!! I was walking around Taka today and I saw the RMK counter... so I walk over and start checking it out! The BA said that for my skintone.. 00 shade is good enough for me.. (Shade 00 is a clear base)

The BA gave me 2 samples... creamy foundation and Control color in N01 (a pink base) he say it will brighten up the eye area.

I did tried the 01 shade at the back of my hand, it's didn't look as nice as 00 shade on my skin... . I love the texture (it's very similar to sana silicone makeup base).. very smooth and it even out the redness patches that I have at the back of my hand!!!! Nice, can't wait to try it out tomorrow ^__^