Makeup Shopping with the beauties <3

Today Yesterday (cos it's 1am now! lolx) meet up with 7 of the girls for a semi makeup shopping/dinner outing.

To be frankly, I didn't knew who I will be meeting, except Amy, Sophia, Kas, Diana and Clara...  and I'm happy to see Joyce and Wirda

Anyway.. I was there early, nobody reach yet.... after awhile Amy and Sophia sms me saying there going to check out RMK at Isetan scotts.. so I walk over! And there's an episode of Sophia forgot her cash's purse (check out her blog for her version).

At RMK... we(Amy, Kas, Sophia and me) were swatching the eyeshadows and bases and once again, Kas's hand was like a disco ball.. full of colors and glitters!!! lolx

Went over to Tang, cos Sophia wanna get the Shu Uemura lashes.... Then off to Sephora to meet up with the rest of them. Have dinner at B4 foodcourt...  chit chatting for awhiile before we all head over to Muji, for some snack (Kas keep promoting the peanut chocolate!) lolx... then we stalk Watson and I bought a Majolica Majorca Lash Bone (it's a mascara base). After that we all went to Sephora again and we have tons of fun over there... taking pics, trying out products and swatches almost everythings we see... lolx 

OK.. enough of saying... here's the pics ^___^

OMY... lolx at Diana!
Ok... Clara won the fair skin award!!!! (No prize! lolx)

A pic of Kas.. where I help her find her best angle...
To Kas::  you should give contact lens a third chance!!
Your glasses was blocking your beautiful eye's makeup!

Sadly I didn't took any pics with Wirda... where is she!! I didn't see her around when I'm walking around taking pics!!!!

This is a fun evening.. like Sophia said, it's like shopping with Bffs which I never know I have ... it's doesn't feel awkward at all ^__^ I can't wait for the next meet up!!!!!

I'm saying this too!!!
Long lasting friendship everyone ^__^

 Ok ya... here's the pic of the mascara base I got at Watson
SD$24.50 (before 20% off)

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