LOTD: Star Violet

Yes... once again, I'm lazy to think of a name to name this look!
I use a different technique, personally I prefer a fan shape type of outer crease.. it's just make my eyes look longer!

After using TSFI as base (I'm giving this eye base a 2nd chance... and I'm glad that I did! Loving it all over again! lolx)
I put Star violet all over my lids up to my crease(in my case, my double eyelid fold) and slightly above it!
Apply carbon on my outer lid in a fan shape (like the pic above)
Satin taupe in the middle to blend both carbon and star violet together
Brule to blend out harsh line and up to my brows
Crystal Avalanche as highlight, inner corner and lower inner lash line
Star violet on lower outer lash line
Blacktrack Fluidline as liner

On my face... almost the same on all my FOTDs:
Everyday Mineral Foundation
Benefit Boi~ing concealer for my under eyes
DIY setting powder (silica base)

On my cheeks: Everyday mineral Morning cup blush (matte)
On my lips: Bourjois Rouge clubbing in pretty nude