Haul: Fancl Mild Cleansing oil + L'oreal renewal Lash serum + LA Girl Blush

Today my younger sis ask me to accompany her to MAC to get Blot powder (She hit pan with her blot powder!)... so when I was looking around thinking which cleansing oil to get... I decided to give FANCL a try. (Price SD$33) 

By letting the BA to do a little demo on their cleansing oil...
I got a free 20ml cleansing oil! And LE cleansing oil included a 13g cleansing powder.
(Good now I got to try the cleansing powder Diana raved about!)

FANCL service was really Good.... and very friendly too!
I also got the Loreal Lash Serum at John Little (No discount for new product) that Kas mentioned in her blog ^__^ 

I bought a LA Girl Blush SD$15.00(before 15%+20% discount from John little)

LA Girl Subtle Blush