Saturday, January 30, 2010

haul: Biotherm + Coastal scents

Today(Friday 29 Jan) I received the Coastal scents stuff that I ordered on 20th Jan.
I ordered 2 brush guard packs (USD$4.95each).. and there's some brushes which belong to Sara and Amy.

Nicely wrapped <3

I bought the Biotherm Biosource Hydra-mineral cleanser purifying mousse (For oily skin)
I tried it just now.. OH BOY.. I love the mousse.. very formy/creamy.. my face have a very clean feel!!! 
when I pat dry my face.. it feel so matte!
(I still donno whether this will be too drying for me... need to use a few more times!)

Went to Wheelock with xiaomei(younger sis), cos she wanna check out Dollz Inc and their release of the lastest LE doll. (They have a weird system.. sometimes they do pre-orders... sometimes they just ask for your name and book the doll! lolx)  This time, only need to leave name- book one doll (not pre-order!)  Oh and she also bought the Babies Basics collection!!!! She got 2 barbies (This collection have 12 dolls)...  She say she want all O,O!

(I'll wait till she open the box...then pic )