Garnier Aqua Defense Non stop intensive moisturizing essence (review)

It's time for a review on my fave moisturizer at the moment...

My thoughts on the Garnier Aqua Defense Non Stop intensive moisturizer
  • Gel base moisturizer
  • feel moisturizing (consider good for a drugstore brand)
  • Refreshing scent - ike Ocean breeze.
  • The color, texture and scent look almost the same as Biotherm Aqua non stop moisturizer!
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor break-out.
  • Skin feel supple and smooth after a week of using
  • Have a silky smooth finishing
  • Skin doesn't feel sticky or oily for afew hours
(I just didn't notice or feel any oilyness on my face after a few hours)
I have mild combination oil skin (abit dry on the cheek and skin between the lips and nose)

I still feel that Biotherm aqua non stop is still the best moisturizing moisturizer.. I can feel my face pump up and hydrated after the first use.

As for Garnier :: the moisturizing level was average during the first use and I start to notice some changes after using it for 3 days!

(Note: I was using Biotherm Aquasource Zn hydra mineral cleansing mousse at the same time.. it said it will cleanse skin, re-balance the moisturizer level and make skin feel radiant and hydrated after 7days of using.. and I have been using it for a month now.. so I guess it does help abit by absorbing the moisturizer better!?!)

Garnier is a good alternative moisturizer for Biotherm Aqua Non Stop, which cost around S$80+

Garnier Aqua Defense : Non stop intensive moisturizing essence
Price: S$14.90
Available at Watsons Singapore