Bloggers party @ Choupinette

Afew bloggers and I were invited to a bloggers tea party held by a company called One9ninety on Sunday (17Jan 2010).

It's a get to know the each other(Company/bloggers) type of  tea party..  Where we get to know more about One9ninety company, mingle around with other bloggers. And for One9ninety to know what we bloggers interesting in and ects...

The tea party was held at Choupinette, a cosy little Frence cafe.. I went to the event with Sara and Kas.

I meet Kas at Orchard first, we then took a bus down to Bukit Timah together. We were there way early(we are the only one who reached first!!!!) lolx.. and I got to know Kas alittle more better during the waiting time....

Blurry~ forgot to on my flash! lolx
I grab this from Sara.. heehee~ (can't see how pretty Sara and Kas's eye makeup!!!)
Kas doing her magic~ lolx
First time seeing Mag from makeupstash.. She look so cute (she hardly/almost never posted any pic of herself in her blog!)

That was
pearlin waving her hand ^__^ She the one contacting bloggers for the party.
You can see how small and cosy Choupinette is..
I took this from the entrance
Dining area was on the left side of the pic (You can see part of the chair from the above pic)The lady in white is Eunice..

A random shoot of Sara taking a pic of me taking a pic of her! lolx
Her version of me... lolx... I should lower my camera abit so that you can see my "pretty" chubby face! hahaa
That's Iris from Rouge Deluxe... I'm a silent reader of her blog!!!! heehee
Shirleen, me and Sara

The goodie bag
In the goodie bag was a perfume from the main company of One9ninety(Correct me if I'm wrong)
and a necklace from
Darsala and 3 of their catalogues. 

You can check out Darasala at  Beijaflor at Wisma Atria #03-29 
I gave the perfume to my mum and she LOVE IT!!!!! She wanna spray some on peapea(my dog) and make him smell nice when she hug him (shake head...) 

Anyone interested in their perfume can check it out at John Little (I remember seeing the collection at Jurong Point JL.. Price less then SD$20 for 20ml) 

I love talisman type of charms ...  I remember Cineleisure used to have a little store that sell Egyptian jewelleries (too bad they closed down)!

Here's are afew of my fave from the Darsala's catalogues.
That's all ^_^