Sunday, January 03, 2010

Barry M Blushes in Raspberry Apricot and Terracotta (Swatches)

Tag along Amy Barry M spree sometimes ago... so.... let's swatch it ^_^

Oh Boy, all I can say was that the colors were really intense, NOT shimmering or glittering just very bright!!!!!  The blushes was not flat matte, it look abit glossy. Which I like it alot.. becos, some matte blushes will look greyish and dusty on my cheeks! But this just polish my cheeks very nicely ^__^

Only need a tiny bit and apply with light hand... the blush appear nicely on the cheeks! So far... my fave would be Apricot (cos I use it alot!!! )

Now I so tempted to try the other shades from Barry M collection, the Pink Orchid, Rose and strawberry!

I also got  an eyeshadow from The Makeup store 
Microshadow in Monty 

The casing was nice

A nice shimmering taupe shade (soft brown which doesn't have any red tone in it)
Price S$26

It creases after afew hours (I guess it ok for it... the crease wasn't that bad... just a fade line on my crease (my double eyelid fold).

The eyeshadow was very soft and smooth, easy to apply and blend out! I quite like the texture!

Maybe I should check out their discount corner to see if they having some interesting shades! lolx