3 lip products haul

Went to Jurong point for lunch with my mum and sis(Ariya).... and when my sis was getting her facial stuff... I was checking out lipsticks! Well Actually I wanna check out the DHC Lip cream.. but it was sold out.. so...

I got one Maybelline Water Shiny Pure at Watson B24(pink) S$11.10 (after 20% off.. Original price S$13.90)
Another Maybelline Water Shiny Pure at NTUC B22 (Nude) S$11.10 (after 20% off.. Original price S$13.90)
Maybelline Lip smooth botanicals lip balm at NTUC S$5.50 (after 20% off... Original price S$6.90)

At watson they only have B24 and another darker plum shade...
I like the texture of this lipstick.. not very waxy.. feel more like a watery lip balm/non sticky lipgloss.. very moist and the color wasn't too intense!!


Lip's swatches:
My actual lips color(I have abit of chapped skin on my lower lip! lolx

B24 (Pink)

B22 (Nude)

OMY...  first time doing lip's swatching!! lolx... I notice my lips is getting more and more paler.. maybe my face is getting darker????

Oh and the lip balm

It's 100% natural lip balm and edible... I don't think I will eat it! lolx

I tried it after I got home... I like it, it's not very waxy/thick compare to alot of lipbalm... and it absorbed very fast and my lips feel quite moist! So far so good! (have to give it a few days to judge whether it's a good lipbalm anot!)  Have a very nice scent... it smell like grapefruit!