Tag:: 60 random things in my room...

Read Sophia entry on "60 things in my room" and I was so interested in doing one(saw some on YT before.. and I never thought that I can just do a blog entry on it!!!!)

I took abunch of pics and then I just put all into 3 huge pics ^___^
Like Sophia say.. if you are interested... then you are tagged! (heehee)

(From L to R)
1. A drawing pad I got from Artbox
2. Jun Planning 2008 Autumn & Winter dolls collection catalogue
3. retro glasses
4. Ghost earrings
5. Charm bracelet
(all the charms were collected over the years, my fave was the gold ring from my late grandma.
6. Coke water bottle (Limited collection)
7. Color chart (good for art/makeup)
8. mini perfumes(I hardly use those)
9. Single earrings (My fave)
10. A tiny bottle of peapea's baby teeth
11. Color pencils and art markets
12. DIY beauty powders
13. Mini strawberry jewelleries box
14. Glass crystal owl
15. Empty bottle MAC mini bottle
16. Lao Zi book of theory
17. 吳九箴 non-fiction book about Buddha
(I have all the buddha's collection except 2 other books by him which have abit different topics)
18. Sweet bee strawberry shape ash-tray, I use it to put my earrings
19. Peapea's cushion doggies house bed
20. "Mr Big" Cd(My fave) in the cd shelving
21. Audio- technica headphone
22. Aaron Kwok 2009 Singapore Concert's brochure
23. The little Prince storybook
24. My tarot cards set
25. One of my drawing pad (I didn't drew anything for ages!)

(From L to R)
26. A cup of non-sweet latte (Just coffee and fresh milk)
27. Momo photo
28. 鸳鸯(A couple mandarin ducks) Fengshui crystal(My 2006 bday present from my dear friend)
29. Strawberry cake table cock(My sis gave that to me last yr)
30. Buibui's feminine dresses(which she hardly ever wear it!)
31. Coke pen (Limited edition)
32. Pink Ipod Nano (latest generation with a video cam)
33. My wallet
34. Balm perfume (My sis gave it to me)
35. Japanese DVD drama, which I'm going to see it soon.
36. Wall E collection bag charm
37. Island Shop stones bracelet
38. Biotherm makeup bag(which I use to keep my fun glasses)
39. Gold E-Blue mouse
40. High School Musical The Ice tour souvenir
(What do we call this? A cheering honk??)
41. Jar of crystal stone (fengshui thingy)
42. Jar of folded stars
43. peapea's chew toy(He always chew this after he finished his dinner)
44. Hello Kitty alarm clock (My bedside clock)
45. OralB Electric tooth brush
46. Gold pocket, 2 way mirrors
47. Red pencil case from Artbox
48. Ligh bulb necklace (One of my last yr Xmas' gift)
49. Mini toy plastic perfume bottles
50. Rubik's cubes (Original and Jay Zhou LE collection)

(From L to R)
51. Peapea (Next year Jan 2nd would be 5yrs old)
52. Tripod
53. Strawberry ring holder
54. Mini rose box
55. 2008 Breast cancer pink ribbon Pin
56. Biotherm samples (I got from one of the biotherm party)
57. baby's bibs
I bought this to make it into a top for momo.. but I never got the chance to put one on him before he passed =(
58. Buibui (Next year May 14 she will be 3yrs old)
59. Knitted sticks
60. Hot Pink knitted scarf

I love strawberry related stuff (I kept most of it in a huge box in the storeroom), owl, knitting simple pattern scarfs and pink stuff! lolx
This is so fun.. I got to look thru the stuff that I have in my room and I spotted so many junks! I need to find one day for spring cleaning! lolx