Friday, December 18, 2009

Swatches: Shiseido Maquillage eyeshadows + Gel liner

The cream base (which feel abit oily when applied but dry up to a smooth finish)
I love the eyeshadows very smooth and easy to blend! (Not as powdery as stila eyeshadows).
The base is a transparent shade with white shimmers. 

I don't really like the base.. even though it does enhance the shadow with more shimmer.. but it just make the eyeshadow look too greasy! 

I just use it on it own when I need somethings simple. 

The gel liner is very smooth, easy to apply and not drying or cakey at all.
(well.. I still need to test it out when I wore it out for a long day outside the heat!)

Overall.. I really love the eyeshadows!!!!

Got both item at the Shiseido sale
Eyeshadows pot (2 e/s- 1base) S$12.00
Gel Liner S$12
(I think the original price for the shadows and gel liner are S$41-S$48 each)