My Skin Care Regimen

I believe that I never blogged about my skin care regimen before... So here it is ^__^

Look like I used alot of stuff huh.. but it wasn't that much! lolx
I still need products that was for intense moisturizing(as my biotherm aquarsouce non-stop already finished)

I have combination skin (Sometimes very oily.. but most of the time I have dry patches around my cheeks)
Before I start using biotherm, my skin was really red(well it's still red now... but not as dark red as before)
And I always have break out here and there (mostly on my cheeks and chin)
After I used Biotherm, my breaking out was more in control and my redness have tone down alot.

I still have break out sometimes which normally pop out when I tried somethings that was too oily for me, during menses period or when something dusty touches my face (mostly transfered from my fingers! lolx) 

Anyway, recently due to cold weather, my skin start to have tiny bums and chapped skin around my cheeks and nose(Cos my skin was dehydrated, it produce more oil and the oil clogged into my pores causing tiny oil seeds and bums!!!!). I hate it!!! It make my cheek feel really itchy. (My skin need hydrating mask and intense moisturizer.. which I don't have any at home now! Will stock up soon.)

OK, let start....

Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer cleansing mousse for anti-imperfections or
Biotherm Biosource Zn hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse 

I just bought ZN hydra mineral cleanser recently... This cleanser have the same texture as biopur, mousse type.. very foamy and smooth.
(Zn not as drying a Biopur, both are love, didn't break me out.)

I rotate both cleansers...  Zn for normal use and Biopur for when I feel that my face is about to have some rashes/itchy/acnes popping out.

Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer exfolianting lotion for anti-imperfections or
Biotherm Aquasource Zn hydra-mineral lotion toning water

Right now I only using biopur exfolianting lotion (cos I'm having some breakout, I need a more calming toner)
Biotherm Aquasource Zn was very smoothing also.. it really tone up my skin and make it feel much smoother

The Skinfood Black sugar scrub foam
I love this scrub, it's very smoothing. refreshing and the foam are so foamy and nice
(Will do a review on this scrub soon)


- Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer moisturizing care for anti-imperfections
- Palmer's fade cream Ultra (I use this 3 times a week)
(I find that it start to make my skin itchy sometimes...
I have been using this for almost 3 mths now, maybe I should stop using it.. like the label advised.
- Clinique Pore minimizer refining serum
-Biotherm Aquasource non-stop moisturizer (when I feel that my skin is start to feel dry)
(I ran out of this, need to get a new one soon)

For eyes
The Bodyshop Wise woman eyecream
MAC moisturelush eyecream
If I didn't get enough sleep I use MAC on upper eye's lids and lower eye's bags
On normal day(I do this 3 times a week)... I use MAC on my lower eyebags and Bodyshop wise woman on eye's lids
And just use bodyshop wise woman 4 times a week.


I use Garnier UV proctect (all the time)
(Check out the reviews on both Garnier and Loreal sunblock)

Recently I bought 2 of ZA sunblock lotion to try..
One is intense sunblock spf 40(I haven't tried it yet)
ZA True white day protector sunscreen spf 26 pa +++(UVA/UVB) moisturizer
(It was nice, almost feel like Loreal but less oily)


Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer balancing mask for anti-imperfections
Clinique Pore minimizer refining mask

Steps: (Without makeup)
1)Cleansing with Biopur/Zn biosource cleansing mousse
Two times.. once to clean off the face oil without any future massage, then 2nd time: I slowing massage the mousse into my face in circular motion
(Then I scrub my face once/twice a week)
2)Toner (either biopur or aquasource)
a)Biopur moisture, layer on with Palmer(I only apply this 3times per week), Clinique pore minimizer
b) Or Biotherm Aquasouce non-stop moisturizer (When my skin is tight/dry)

I do mask 1 or 2 times per month (I very lazy.. sometimes I forgot to do it! lolx)

For removing makeup, I love cleansing oil that will emulsify.
My top fave is
1) Point Rice water cleansing oil (Korean)
2) Sana Natural Resource cleaning oil (Japan)
3) Biore Cleansing oil (Japan)

Point Rice water cleansing oil(S$29) doesn't sell at alot of stores, I got it at Jurong East, the beauty store near the Cash Back store(The store selling alot of 2nd hand stuff or many random old stuff) My friend told me People Park also got sell (I not sure which store.. need to ask her again)

So I mostly get Biore S$15.90(cos watson got it) or Sana (Abit pricey S$39.90)

For times when I just wore simple makeup with no mascara I use::
Mandom Cleansing Express Cleansing Gel (S$12.90)
(This is love but it doesn't removed waterproof mascara well especially Fasio and Majolica)

(edit:: I just changed the above pic to a more recent and bigger for clearer viewing)
Sorry.. I just finished all my good cleansing oil few days ago(going to stock up later today).
So I'm using my old haul pics 
Right now I'm using the sample of Mandom Cleansing Express eye makeup removal
(I use it on my whole face.)
It didn't remove my fasio/Majolica waterproof mascara well(I test it before)
So when I knew that I ran out of cleansing oil, I use wash off mascara.
It also a good chance for me to use up whatever makeup removal I have. lolx