Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mini MAC Haul

Yesterday before meeting up with my friends for movie @ VIVO.. I pop by MAC to check out their browsets (I remember Sophia and Cocomotion talked about it before)... and recently, I feel the need to use a brow set... messy eyebrows!!!!

I wanna check out Sephora browsets also.. compare which have better shades and ects... but.... when I saw this beguile @ MAC... I have to have it! lolx

I was checking out eyeshadows also.... I wanna check out some gold/bronze/oilve shades(I'm just crazy about these shades la) And after swatching Amber light again(almost everytimes I pop by MAC)... I think I fall in love with it now.. I use to think that it was too dark on me... but I donno why, I don't feel it now!!! hee hee =)


MAC browset in Beguile (Light bronzey brown shade)
I prefer soft brows, just to fill in the gaps (dark brows make me look really fierce!)
With this.. I think I will be lazy to use my brow shader anymore!!

Look at how pretty Amber light look! <3