LOTD: Purple, Bronze and Pink.... (+TAG)

I did a look base on this beautiful fireworks pic.. I love the Pink, dark purple and bronze/orange colors in this pic!!!

Pic taken from flickr

I did a more tone down look.. so it's more suitable for day time ^__^ (I should go crazy with it... lolx)

Anyway.. here's my version... 

(Loving my Revlon nail polish in Tropical Temptation)

Can't really see much of the pink in my full face pics =(
I blame it on my double eyelids (The fold was too deep!!!!)

Products I used::

(ON my face:)
EDM foundation in light Almond mix abit of EDM mint concealer
Benefit boi~ing concealer in 01 for undereyes
The Balm concealer on red areas around my nose and cheeks
DIY Silica loose powder
Inuovi D36 Hyperbolic blush (light on cheeks)

(On my eyes:)
MAC Painterly paintpot as base
MAC brow shader
MAC fluidline as liner
Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic liner in GR555 (Golden Olive) on top of the MAC fluidline.
Fasio waterproof mascara.
I use Original 88 palette
- mix both pinks(check arrows) on lids
- Purple on the outer V blend up to the crease(in my case which is my double eyelid fold)
- Black to deepen the outer V
- Bronze color  to blend out the hash purple line and up towards the brows
- Skintone eyeshadow for highlight
I use MAC crest the wave on my lower lash line and inner corner to brighten up.

OK.. that's all for my tone down version of this beautiful fireworks pic.
Oh, and this is a TAG!!! (^__^)

I Tag::
-Sophia (retail_therapy)
-Diana (edicatedbiatch)
-Amy (purplio)
And everyone who read this and want to do it ^___^

Remember to post a comment of your post here if you do the tag... cos I wanna see it all ^___^
Have fun girls ^___^