Haul: Shiseido sales + some other random...

Decided to check out Shiseido sale at Orchard Building (Opposite Cineleisure).
Alot of stuff were sold out.. so I only pick up some that I think was interesting.. I didn't get any ZA stuff... their eyeshadow palettes was chalky (but the price was so amazing... SD$5 each palette or 3 for S$12.. I was so tempted to just grab any 3... luckily I didn't! lolx)

So here's what I got from the sales and some random buying around Orchard!

I got these at Shisedo sale
(plus the grey mini luaggage bag)

I got bubble hairdye(for myself) and a Loreal face cream (for my mum) @ Sasa
Liese bubble dye S$19.90 each
Loreal RevitaLift Cream S$31.90(sasa discount- Original price S$34.90)

Black sugar facial scrub and a nail polish @ The Skinfood
The SA gave me a set of their new product sample (I ask for extra! lolx)
HOw can we tell a product was good anot by testing it once, right?
Black Sugar Scrub Foam S$35
Nail Polish S$5.50
Ok here's the break down of what I got ^__^

The mini makeup luaggage bag (SD$5)
When I saw this in the pile of many random bags in a huge cardboard box... I got to get this for my sister
And the price was like... man so damn cheap!!

At night when my sis came home.. I show it to her and she was like "WOW"...
I ask her to guess the price(and I told her this was super cheap) 
she guess it cost SD$14! lolx...
Such a great buy! ^___^

Maquillage Products!!
Number 51 Forming Shiny eyes shadow (S$12)
GD855 Gold Gel liner  (S$12)
Nails: Quick Dry Oil (S$8)

Forming shiny eyeshadow

The top silver is a eyeshadow base(didn't have much color) 
The bottem is 2 eyeshadows in lavendar and greyish green
I swatch it there and the shadow was very smooth!
Didn't feel like touching it now!! I will update swatches when I start using it ^__^

GD855 Gold Gel liner
They have silver and redish brown(but the brown was sold out)

I overheard the BA telling a girl that the original price for this gel liner cost S$41/S$48
(If you get it at their counter)
Such a good buy!! The gold was really beautiful!

Quick Dry oil!

Majolica Majorica 3 for S$15
I got 6 Neo liners
I have a green(which is the olive greenish gold color) one and I'm loving it so much...
planned to get the other colors at Watson and luckily I didn't..lolx
If I didn't remember wrongly the original price of each Neo liner was S$24.90/S$22.90?
They have only brown/gold/red/green (I got some extra as backup and gifts)

MM eyeshadow palette was sold out and I didn't like lipgloss and the peace shade blush(only got one shade left)

Here's the swatch of "The Skin Food" nail polish in BR612 (S$5.50)

That's all... no more makeup buying for this month and as long as I can control my will power!!!


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