Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I won the Makeup Stash! Christmas 2009 Giveaway #2

I won a Soap n Sorbet travel size Passionfruit Lim Sugar Souffle Moisturizing body scrub!
It a newly set up online skincares store... and I have been so tempted to try out their lipbalm and scrub!
Now I don't have to spend any $$$$$ hee hee hee  =Þ

As some of you knew that I was looking for some Sugar body scrub... some recommend me to try crabtree-evelyn. I'm going to... maybe next yr after I finished this small jar first!

Anyway, if you wanna win some goodies, head over to Makeupstash's blog! She just started her giveaway #4
Good luck everyone who's taking part... including myself ^____^

Review: SkinFood Black Sugar Scrub Foam

Wet with abit of water.. You can see the sugar
Spread out
After rubbing it with more water, it become so foamy and it feel so good on my skin
I have been using this for about 3 weeks (more than 10 times... and I'm loving it!!)
The smell was so refreshing and it make my skin feel soft, supple and calm.
It smell like when when you just opened a coke, the refreshing cooling and sweet coke scent.
And sugar are such a good good ingredients for acne or sensitive skin ... cos the sweetness can calm our skin so well!!!
(I taste the scrub... no la, I didn't eat the scrub.... just likely use my tongue to taste the paste... to see whether it's really sweet)

I love the scrub cos it's not miro beads or nut shells (less harsh on skin)... it the sugar coarse. (The sugar will dissolved)
I do intense facial scrub to remove dead skin cells once a week and a mild one in between.(Both using the same scrub)

This scrub have climb up to the top of my fave scrub list... now Clinique 7 days scrub have drop the number 1 spot to number 2!
(I will repurchase this products until another wonderful scrub pop by! Hee hee)

For intense:: (Once a week)
After washing my face with my cleanser, while face still wet... I applied the scrub all over the areas which need more intense scrubbing(like nose, cheeks, chin and forehead)... then slowing and lightly rub the areas until it become foamy and then spread the rest of the foam to the rest of my face and then rinse off.

For mild:: (3-4times a week)
After washing my face with cleanser, I rub the scrub on my wet palms until it become foamy and do not feel any coarse sugars... I then appplied the foam on my face. The foam was very smoothing and it's mild enough to disperse dead skin cells without harsh coarse rubbing against our skin to course and further damage on our skin or enlarging our pores. (especially acne prone skin)

As alot of you knew that too much harsh scrubbing will cos skin to become more fragile and sensitive. At the same time, more harsh scrubbing means your are slowly enlarging your pores.

So for those who have sensitive skin, dry skin or acne-prone skin... I would say go for the mild scrubbing or use a exfolianting lotion. (You don't want to angry those acnes by rubbing it with a coarse scrub)

Available at SkinFood outlets
Price: SD$35

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party at VIVO

A huge Thanks to Diana for organising the party!!! I have alot of fun, meeting everyone and seriously my cheeks were aching from all the smiling(when we took pics). And we got to knew Clara: dblchin, she is so cute >.<~

When I just reached VIVO, Amy and Kas make me feel so welcome. they both have alot of topic to chat about... so cute! Jasmine (we both keep feeling shy together during the first few mins.. so cute la!) and Roseanne, her face was so small!! Very Very pretty. And OMY Maddy look so tiny! Everyone just look so gorgeous...

Sophia and Sara they're so cute can... cuter then I imagine, lolx
And of-course Diana!! She look like she just jump out from her YT videos... so bubbly!! Make everyone feel so welcome. 

This is a huge group.. I didn't got the chance to take pics with some of them before they left =( And like Sophia mention in her blog, the day ended so fast!!!! 

Shopping with them were even more fun! No need to explain about each products we see... they all knew!  If anyone of them was on makeup ban... and it lightly gonna break it! Cos we are no help at stopping you from getting it! hahahahaa And we won't get those impatience look when we slowly checking out each products... lolx

Xmas gift swap
I got Sophia pressies and she got mine! (What a coincident!)

Check out the rest at my facebook


3 Barry M blushes from Amy Spree (I still haven't swatch it... I will add all the swatches later on)
Maybelline Angelfit base and Loreal Black liquid liner (From Sophia giveaway contest)
MAC pigments from Kas and she so lovely by adding afew samples for me ^__^
Purple glitters from Eka (A surprise xmas gift) She's so sweet to give everyone alittle pressie
I bought a Makeup store eyeshadow in Monty (S$26)
Lush Superstar soap from Sophia Xmas swap (The smell was so nice~)

I never use any Lush product before(even though I read and watched alot of the Lush hauling)... but I never really know how they use it... so the soap is for body? face? Hand? Hair?  Or for overall????

I hardly use any soap since I was 12... now I need to get a soap tray so that it can keep the soap dry and free from bacterial infection.
Cant wait to start using it... I means when I know what it for first... lolx =P (The packaging didn't say anything)
As for now, I keep the soap in my tissue drawer, so that my tissue will smell like "superstar" ^___^

Ok, Let see whether I remember the name of those who came...
Diana, Sophia, Sara, Sarah, Amy, Kas, Jasmine, Roseanne, Maddy, Joyce, Reyenal(Eka), Clara(dblchin), Fati(she's my game partner), Linnera, Dyan and Jun(artycraftyart)

I'm Sorry if I left anyone out or got your name wrongly(Comment below and I will edit it ^__~)

Sarah was  so sweet that she gave us all a Discount vouchers for makeover, check out her website, she's a very talented makeup artist!
Thanks you Sarah ^__^

Anyone want the full size Which is 3648 X 2736 (10mp) or you prefer to resize down to about 2mp?
I will upload to mediafire(easy to DL) with password lock.
Email me:


Friday, December 25, 2009

Watsons haul + VOV swatches

Went to Jurong point to shock up get some skincares and also bought some xmas pressents ^__^ (I know very the last mins... ahhahahhaa... I keep forgetting it...)

Anyway.. watsons having 20% discounts... I gotta make full use of it! lolx
Ok, here's the run down of the stuff I got:::
Mandom Cleansing Express Cleansing Gel(I forgot to buy cleansing oil! Hai~)
Liese Hair mist
(Got one for my sis, as I saw that hers was running low)
Garnier Aque Defense
Non-stop intensive moisturizing essence
I just tired it just now, it look and feel totally like biotherm aquasouce non-stop, they even smell alike!!
I have to keep using to see if this is a good n cheaper alternative for biotherm ^__^

Maybelline Super charged rescue essence
Maybelline aquaSurge Moisture lotion
(use the essence first then Moisture Lotion)
The BA say it very popular and it's on 20% discount worth to get in now to try
(I'm greedy, cos I don't have any intensive moisturizer at home.. so I get head over heel at watsons! lolx)
 DHC Medicated Acne Control series: Salicylic Acid (4 items collection)
DHC Salicylic Acne Spot Therapy
This is an alcohol-free essence cream containing sulfur and salicylic acid

I wanna try the whole range (maybe next month or when I think my skin are more stable from the cold weather)
All was alcohol- free (so it won't be drying on area that didn't have any break out!)
I got some VOV at what name of the store?!?!?
those stores outside Jurong point beside the MRT station
Anyway, I got a blush and a palette (I just want the deep green shade, lolx )
I got some as presents ^___^
(Not going to show the other ones)

This is palette #02


The emerald is very pretty!
The bronze shade(bottem row 2nd from the left) look abit like MAC Amber light but less orangey
I like VOV palette.. no matter which palettes you choose, it always consist of a white and back shades in it.

The blush was so intensive.. very orange!! It's have tiny gold shimmer in in!! Nice

That's all ^__^

Seriously I have to stop spending money on makeup.. I don't mind spending it on skincares ...lolx

Merry Christmas <3

Merry Christmas everyone
See you all on Saturday ^___^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Skin Care Regimen

I believe that I never blogged about my skin care regimen before... So here it is ^__^

Look like I used alot of stuff huh.. but it wasn't that much! lolx
I still need products that was for intense moisturizing(as my biotherm aquarsouce non-stop already finished)

I have combination skin (Sometimes very oily.. but most of the time I have dry patches around my cheeks)
Before I start using biotherm, my skin was really red(well it's still red now... but not as dark red as before)
And I always have break out here and there (mostly on my cheeks and chin)
After I used Biotherm, my breaking out was more in control and my redness have tone down alot.

I still have break out sometimes which normally pop out when I tried somethings that was too oily for me, during menses period or when something dusty touches my face (mostly transfered from my fingers! lolx) 

Anyway, recently due to cold weather, my skin start to have tiny bums and chapped skin around my cheeks and nose(Cos my skin was dehydrated, it produce more oil and the oil clogged into my pores causing tiny oil seeds and bums!!!!). I hate it!!! It make my cheek feel really itchy. (My skin need hydrating mask and intense moisturizer.. which I don't have any at home now! Will stock up soon.)

OK, let start....

Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer cleansing mousse for anti-imperfections or
Biotherm Biosource Zn hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse 

I just bought ZN hydra mineral cleanser recently... This cleanser have the same texture as biopur, mousse type.. very foamy and smooth.
(Zn not as drying a Biopur, both are love, didn't break me out.)

I rotate both cleansers...  Zn for normal use and Biopur for when I feel that my face is about to have some rashes/itchy/acnes popping out.

Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer exfolianting lotion for anti-imperfections or
Biotherm Aquasource Zn hydra-mineral lotion toning water

Right now I only using biopur exfolianting lotion (cos I'm having some breakout, I need a more calming toner)
Biotherm Aquasource Zn was very smoothing also.. it really tone up my skin and make it feel much smoother

The Skinfood Black sugar scrub foam
I love this scrub, it's very smoothing. refreshing and the foam are so foamy and nice
(Will do a review on this scrub soon)


- Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer moisturizing care for anti-imperfections
- Palmer's fade cream Ultra (I use this 3 times a week)
(I find that it start to make my skin itchy sometimes...
I have been using this for almost 3 mths now, maybe I should stop using it.. like the label advised.
- Clinique Pore minimizer refining serum
-Biotherm Aquasource non-stop moisturizer (when I feel that my skin is start to feel dry)
(I ran out of this, need to get a new one soon)

For eyes
The Bodyshop Wise woman eyecream
MAC moisturelush eyecream
If I didn't get enough sleep I use MAC on upper eye's lids and lower eye's bags
On normal day(I do this 3 times a week)... I use MAC on my lower eyebags and Bodyshop wise woman on eye's lids
And just use bodyshop wise woman 4 times a week.


I use Garnier UV proctect (all the time)
(Check out the reviews on both Garnier and Loreal sunblock)

Recently I bought 2 of ZA sunblock lotion to try..
One is intense sunblock spf 40(I haven't tried it yet)
ZA True white day protector sunscreen spf 26 pa +++(UVA/UVB) moisturizer
(It was nice, almost feel like Loreal but less oily)


Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer balancing mask for anti-imperfections
Clinique Pore minimizer refining mask

Steps: (Without makeup)
1)Cleansing with Biopur/Zn biosource cleansing mousse
Two times.. once to clean off the face oil without any future massage, then 2nd time: I slowing massage the mousse into my face in circular motion
(Then I scrub my face once/twice a week)
2)Toner (either biopur or aquasource)
a)Biopur moisture, layer on with Palmer(I only apply this 3times per week), Clinique pore minimizer
b) Or Biotherm Aquasouce non-stop moisturizer (When my skin is tight/dry)

I do mask 1 or 2 times per month (I very lazy.. sometimes I forgot to do it! lolx)

For removing makeup, I love cleansing oil that will emulsify.
My top fave is
1) Point Rice water cleansing oil (Korean)
2) Sana Natural Resource cleaning oil (Japan)
3) Biore Cleansing oil (Japan)

Point Rice water cleansing oil(S$29) doesn't sell at alot of stores, I got it at Jurong East, the beauty store near the Cash Back store(The store selling alot of 2nd hand stuff or many random old stuff) My friend told me People Park also got sell (I not sure which store.. need to ask her again)

So I mostly get Biore S$15.90(cos watson got it) or Sana (Abit pricey S$39.90)

For times when I just wore simple makeup with no mascara I use::
Mandom Cleansing Express Cleansing Gel (S$12.90)
(This is love but it doesn't removed waterproof mascara well especially Fasio and Majolica)

(edit:: I just changed the above pic to a more recent and bigger for clearer viewing)
Sorry.. I just finished all my good cleansing oil few days ago(going to stock up later today).
So I'm using my old haul pics 
Right now I'm using the sample of Mandom Cleansing Express eye makeup removal
(I use it on my whole face.)
It didn't remove my fasio/Majolica waterproof mascara well(I test it before)
So when I knew that I ran out of cleansing oil, I use wash off mascara.
It also a good chance for me to use up whatever makeup removal I have. lolx



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tag:: 60 random things in my room...

Read Sophia entry on "60 things in my room" and I was so interested in doing one(saw some on YT before.. and I never thought that I can just do a blog entry on it!!!!)

I took abunch of pics and then I just put all into 3 huge pics ^___^
Like Sophia say.. if you are interested... then you are tagged! (heehee)

(From L to R)
1. A drawing pad I got from Artbox
2. Jun Planning 2008 Autumn & Winter dolls collection catalogue
3. retro glasses
4. Ghost earrings
5. Charm bracelet
(all the charms were collected over the years, my fave was the gold ring from my late grandma.
6. Coke water bottle (Limited collection)
7. Color chart (good for art/makeup)
8. mini perfumes(I hardly use those)
9. Single earrings (My fave)
10. A tiny bottle of peapea's baby teeth
11. Color pencils and art markets
12. DIY beauty powders
13. Mini strawberry jewelleries box
14. Glass crystal owl
15. Empty bottle MAC mini bottle
16. Lao Zi book of theory
17. 吳九箴 non-fiction book about Buddha
(I have all the buddha's collection except 2 other books by him which have abit different topics)
18. Sweet bee strawberry shape ash-tray, I use it to put my earrings
19. Peapea's cushion doggies house bed
20. "Mr Big" Cd(My fave) in the cd shelving
21. Audio- technica headphone
22. Aaron Kwok 2009 Singapore Concert's brochure
23. The little Prince storybook
24. My tarot cards set
25. One of my drawing pad (I didn't drew anything for ages!)

(From L to R)
26. A cup of non-sweet latte (Just coffee and fresh milk)
27. Momo photo
28. 鸳鸯(A couple mandarin ducks) Fengshui crystal(My 2006 bday present from my dear friend)
29. Strawberry cake table cock(My sis gave that to me last yr)
30. Buibui's feminine dresses(which she hardly ever wear it!)
31. Coke pen (Limited edition)
32. Pink Ipod Nano (latest generation with a video cam)
33. My wallet
34. Balm perfume (My sis gave it to me)
35. Japanese DVD drama, which I'm going to see it soon.
36. Wall E collection bag charm
37. Island Shop stones bracelet
38. Biotherm makeup bag(which I use to keep my fun glasses)
39. Gold E-Blue mouse
40. High School Musical The Ice tour souvenir
(What do we call this? A cheering honk??)
41. Jar of crystal stone (fengshui thingy)
42. Jar of folded stars
43. peapea's chew toy(He always chew this after he finished his dinner)
44. Hello Kitty alarm clock (My bedside clock)
45. OralB Electric tooth brush
46. Gold pocket, 2 way mirrors
47. Red pencil case from Artbox
48. Ligh bulb necklace (One of my last yr Xmas' gift)
49. Mini toy plastic perfume bottles
50. Rubik's cubes (Original and Jay Zhou LE collection)

(From L to R)
51. Peapea (Next year Jan 2nd would be 5yrs old)
52. Tripod
53. Strawberry ring holder
54. Mini rose box
55. 2008 Breast cancer pink ribbon Pin
56. Biotherm samples (I got from one of the biotherm party)
57. baby's bibs
I bought this to make it into a top for momo.. but I never got the chance to put one on him before he passed =(
58. Buibui (Next year May 14 she will be 3yrs old)
59. Knitted sticks
60. Hot Pink knitted scarf

I love strawberry related stuff (I kept most of it in a huge box in the storeroom), owl, knitting simple pattern scarfs and pink stuff! lolx
This is so fun.. I got to look thru the stuff that I have in my room and I spotted so many junks! I need to find one day for spring cleaning! lolx

Monday, December 21, 2009

A tiny Haul: MAC + Covergirl + ZA

I got  a relief bags, 2 MAC stuff(from level 3 bazaar sales) and 2 books(Popular book fair suntec level 4)
Covergirl mascaras at Chinasquare fleamarket(it was a indoor flea, inside the mall)  and ZA sunblocks at Watsons

Relied Bags S$19 (Original price S$35)

MAC Love-bud LE eyeshadow and 224 blending brush (S$10each)  2nd hand but New
It was all kept in a small box on one of the booth counters at level 3 Suntec City Convention Hall.
The boss wife told me that all these are her backup stuff that she bought when she used to work at MAC.
(I just wash the brush so.. it look abit mess! lolx)

Covergirl mascaras got it at Chinasquare indoor fleamarket. It's their last day sales..
Buy 1 get 1 free (Just paid for the higher price item)
Last Blast S$11.50  and Exact eyelights S$12.50
(I got both for S$12.50 ^__^)

ZA having 20% discount at Watson... I need to stock up my Garnier sunblock lotion..
but the one I went to (Jurong East outlet) don't have it.. so I think I just give ZA a try ^__^
Each S$13.50(before 20%discount)


OK... I gonna stop buying anymore stuff for this month!!