Review: The BodyShop SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub

I say I will try to use this for at least up to 5 times before doing a review.. but I only use this for like 3 times and I giveup!!  Hai~ lolx

Because, it's doesn't feel like a scrub to me! -_-""
I will tried to finish up the whole jar no matter what! (don't wanna waste it!)

See.. what I means? It feel very grainy when I rub it between my dry fingers.... but the salt kinda dissolved when I rub it on my wet body!

I have to use alot of products to feel a tiny bit of the scrubs effect... else it just feel like putting cream all over my body =( 

(The above products swatches were done with dry hands/fingers)

SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub (350ml) Price SD$52.90

I very much prefer their Body Polish scrubs!! They have a wide range of scents and it make my body feel really clean and a tube(200ml price SD$18.90) can last me a long time!

Anyone tried  Africa salt scrub before???
What to you feel about this product??