Polka-Dotted Apple Giveaway!!

Check out her blog to enter her 1st giveaway contest!

The winner will get (all brand-spankin' new!) :

  • THE Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol II (YES I know, THE Book of Shadows)
  • A full size .05 fl. oz/1.5mL Urban Decay Sparkler Pen Lipgloss in Rocket
  • A full size 0.28 fl. oz/9mL Sugar Lip Slick in Sand
  • A full size 0.15 oz/4g Old Navy Lip Balm in Toffee Crunch
  • A Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencil
  • A Japanese Kimono Hello Kitty Mini Notebook
  • A Hello Kitty Glitter Sticker
  • A Japanese 'Crown' Design Loose Powder Container with coordinating puffs
  • Two samples of Chanel Precision Eye Cream/Wrinkle Cream

1) Must be a follower of her blog.
2) One comment per person. If more than one, the person will be disqualified.
3) Giveaway ends on November 29, 2009 at 11:59PM EST
4) Must have more than 10 people enter or it will be cancelled.
5) Winner will be chosen at random via random.org.
6) Include your email in your comment.
7) Open internationally.

Answer these questions in a blog post and link back to my giveaway post**:

  • What is your most prized possession?
    My family (I'm a very family type of person.. everything family first!!!)
  • What is your definition of beauty?
    It's like arts.. everyone have a different definition... as long as I feel happy and confident.. it's beauty ^__^
  •  What makeup item (Brand and name of product) would you recommend to me?
    Fasio mascara (Their mascaras are all waterproof) It's the best waterproof mascara I've ever tried
    Good staying power, doesn't weight down the lashes(like most waterproof mascara does) and it's coat the lashes so well!!
    For facial stuff... I would say "The Bodyshop" Wise Woman eye cream!!! It's calm the skin around the eyes, provide good moisturizer and it really pump up my fine lines!
  • What is your favorite KIND of makeup item and why?
    Eyeshadows and Mascara!! I just love them.. these are the item that enhances my look really well!
  • A weird factoid about you. :B
    I like to smell my armpits (It's weird I know! lolx)
  • What is the fondest memory of your childhood?
    Doing my nails... I love to put on nail polish when I was little.. my mama always help me with it ^__^
  • Describe yourself honestly. 
    I'm not scare of being alone... even walking down a super dark street and it scare me to hell when I'm walking in the crowds full of strangers alone!
  • Tell me something I could do to improve my blog.
    I only just start reading your blog... so far so good.. really interesting and you are so pretty... try do more Eyes/Face of the day post?
    I love reading your haul entries too (Well.. me just love reading all haul blogs! lolx)


What a wonderful giveaway right, Go join and it fun answering the above questions!!!!