Nail polish challenge:: Beauty credit in VL04 (Violet)!

I wanna test out how long a Beauty Credit nail polish can last without a top coat!

I bought some beauty credit nail polishs last month.. so far I only used the orange color one but with konad prints and top coat and it last me a week plus! So I wanna see how well it last without a top coat.

I use VL04 (Violet), a very pretty purplish blue shade.

I applied 2 coats on 31 Oct 2009 afternoon.


After 5days (I can't have it any longer.. cos it look so chipped on the first 2 fingers on both hands)


It last quite well.. since I did not go easy with my hands!! 
I cook, wash, showering my doggies and ects!

The polish fade abit, becoming abit sheer... but the chipping wasn't that bad, only the first 3 fingers on both hands(that we use it more often) chipped the worse... if I do not cook, I believe the polish will last longer! (Cos heat are nail polish worse enemy!! lolx)

Price: SD$4.90
Packaging:  Pretty and have a nice brush! Make application easy and didn't get too messy!
Products:  I like the texture!! Not too watery or sticky thick that's hard to apply! It doesn't stain my nails (GOOD GOOD)
Will I buy it again:: I will buy their nail polish again(but not the same shade)