Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mini Haul: The Balm + swatches

Check out The Balm at Suntec Sasa..
The MUA(she gave me a free makeover  + brows trimming voucher!).. she's really friendly!!!!

I bought the Hot mama blush and a Time balm concealer!
I also bought 3 lip balms from the push cart at level 1
(They have some really interesting and fun lip balms!)

Hot mama blush.. it's a very pretty coral with gold sheen (not glittery at all.. very pretty)... 
It's look very similar to MAC improvise mineral blush..
but Hot mama have a pink gold sheen to it!!
(It's abit light for tanned/darker skin tone ppls.. but it does provide a very very pretty pinky gold sheen!)

Time balm concealer (It can be use on daytime, night time and bedtime!!) Can wear it to sleep O.O!
When I heard that, my first thought was ...
"wow!! It so breathable that it won't cause clogging even apply to sleep"!!!
Then the MUA told me that this concealer have healing effect, it can fade dark cirlce and acne red scars!!!
But it need about a period of 2 mths time!!  Anyway... I'm SOLD... I have to get it!!

The concealer feel abit creamy compare to benefit boi~ing concealer
(Not as thick creamy like MAC concealer.. I never tried MAC concealer before, but I've swatched it afew time at the counter before!)

comparing with benefit boi~ing concealer

The balm conealer look abit pinky beige where benefit one have more yellowish tone.
The MUA was wearing The balm concealer and it doens't look cakey on her.. and I tried using it today.. it feel feel good ^__^
I was thinking.. if it was too thick or cakey on me.. I just use it at night as a treament to lighten my acne scars!  hahahah

The Balm Time concealer :: Price: SD$29.90 - 7.5g (Benefit boi~ing was SD$41 - 3g)
The Balm Hot Mama eyeshadow/blushes Price: SD$29.90
Lipbalm at the push cart 3 for SD$10

When I first saw the Sweet durian lip balm... I have to get it for my sister (Ariya)!!
HAhaha.. she love durain and weird/odd stuff.. I dare not sniff it(cos I don't like durain) so I ask my little sister (Nanda) to sniff it for me! hahaha
So I have to get 2 more.. I get Blueberry and Pomegranate ... Blueberry smell like heaven!!! They also have Mango.. but it smell weird to me! lolx

That's all... I just found out that sephora having sales at Suntec on 19 Nov and 20 Nov thru Sarah(facesbysarah) ... I don't think I'm will popping by tomorrow =(