Collective haul : MAC and ects...

Accompany my little sister for some face makeup shopping... and I ended up with some stuff (Most of the stuff are my sis one! lolx)

OK.. she got these::

Lucido-L Hair spray SD$9.20 (Watsons)
Lucido-L Pump SD$14.90 (Hair serum/oil) (Watson)

I don't do much to my hair.. so I never get interested in hair products except shampoo! lolx ... Infact I don't even use a comb to comb my hair! I always comb it with my fingers after my hair is air-dry .. and I hardly use any conditional at all! (Oh gosh... I don't remember when I use a real comb to comb my hair!!!) I'm just blessed with good hair and bad scalps! lolx (we can't have everythings! lolx)

Ok.. here's the break down of her haul ^__^ (I can't do much review on it.. cos I hardly using her stuff! (And we have diffenent skin types!)
I have combination skin (not really that oily la... cos I don't have the need to blot my face except the bridge of my nose.) And she have oily skin (she told me very oily!!) Most of the stuff that works for me and not on her! (lolx)

Fresh Mineral @ Sasa (Price SD$39/ after discount SD$31.20)
Right now Fresh Mineral having 20% discount!


Acne Clear (Got it at Watsons) Price SD5.95 (This look interesting! I see how it works on her first! lolx)


Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BBcream @Sasa (Price SD$16.90)

Neogence UV protection Whitenering Makeup base SPF 30 PA++
(Sasa) Price SD$22

Mac Blot Powder in Medium dark SD$36

I was telling my sister that I need something that I can bring out for touching up and I told her about blot powder and MSF... I end up getting MSF cos I don't need to blot! lolx And she was very interested in the blot powder. So she end up getting it!! And it's her FIRST MAC!!!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Light (SD$46)
My first MSF (I never really though that I will ever get any skintone MSF!!!!!)
Haven't use it on my face yet.. so can't say I love it or not!  ^__^

DR Age Spot Serum (sasa) Price SD$24.90
Right now having promotion.. get any 2 of DR products for SD$39.90
I got 2 of this (One my mum)
It say that it will fade age spot, pigmentation and acne scars!(I willing to try! lolx)

One thing.. I don't like the wand (I very much prefer a squeeze tube or jar (I think I will use a q-tip to get product out! lolx)

Super Dolly 3D mascara (Sasa) SD$19.20 (After 20% discount- SD$15.90))

I got this cos it got lengthening effect and the tip/brush head can bend/curve!!

Loreal RevitaLift Eye cream (Watsons) Price SD26.30(Promotion price)


Very interesting.. The white is undereye anti wrinkle cream and the red is Upper eyes lifting gel (Mum say after applying.. after afew mins she can feel abit of tighness!! (Really interesting!!!)

In the first pic.. we also got eyebrows tweezers.. mine is the scissor type(Price SD$1.55-cheap) and the kawaii printed(SDs5.90) one belong to my sis.

Yesterday, I passes by sephora and I got the Burt Bee's More Moisture Shampoo(Price SD$18) 
No, my other burt bee shampoo haven't finish yet.. "the for volume one".. somehow didn't work for me =(  but my sister love it! Oh well~ (I will do a review on both shampoo soon)


I got this online.. EDM Eye kabuki brush (SD$9 including normal postage)


That's all! ^__^