Sunday, November 29, 2009

Collective haul : MAC and ects...

Accompany my little sister for some face makeup shopping... and I ended up with some stuff (Most of the stuff are my sis one! lolx)

OK.. she got these::

Lucido-L Hair spray SD$9.20 (Watsons)
Lucido-L Pump SD$14.90 (Hair serum/oil) (Watson)

I don't do much to my hair.. so I never get interested in hair products except shampoo! lolx ... Infact I don't even use a comb to comb my hair! I always comb it with my fingers after my hair is air-dry .. and I hardly use any conditional at all! (Oh gosh... I don't remember when I use a real comb to comb my hair!!!) I'm just blessed with good hair and bad scalps! lolx (we can't have everythings! lolx)

Ok.. here's the break down of her haul ^__^ (I can't do much review on it.. cos I hardly using her stuff! (And we have diffenent skin types!)
I have combination skin (not really that oily la... cos I don't have the need to blot my face except the bridge of my nose.) And she have oily skin (she told me very oily!!) Most of the stuff that works for me and not on her! (lolx)

Fresh Mineral @ Sasa (Price SD$39/ after discount SD$31.20)
Right now Fresh Mineral having 20% discount!


Acne Clear (Got it at Watsons) Price SD5.95 (This look interesting! I see how it works on her first! lolx)


Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BBcream @Sasa (Price SD$16.90)

Neogence UV protection Whitenering Makeup base SPF 30 PA++
(Sasa) Price SD$22

Mac Blot Powder in Medium dark SD$36

I was telling my sister that I need something that I can bring out for touching up and I told her about blot powder and MSF... I end up getting MSF cos I don't need to blot! lolx And she was very interested in the blot powder. So she end up getting it!! And it's her FIRST MAC!!!

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Light (SD$46)
My first MSF (I never really though that I will ever get any skintone MSF!!!!!)
Haven't use it on my face yet.. so can't say I love it or not!  ^__^

DR Age Spot Serum (sasa) Price SD$24.90
Right now having promotion.. get any 2 of DR products for SD$39.90
I got 2 of this (One my mum)
It say that it will fade age spot, pigmentation and acne scars!(I willing to try! lolx)

One thing.. I don't like the wand (I very much prefer a squeeze tube or jar (I think I will use a q-tip to get product out! lolx)

Super Dolly 3D mascara (Sasa) SD$19.20 (After 20% discount- SD$15.90))

I got this cos it got lengthening effect and the tip/brush head can bend/curve!!

Loreal RevitaLift Eye cream (Watsons) Price SD26.30(Promotion price)


Very interesting.. The white is undereye anti wrinkle cream and the red is Upper eyes lifting gel (Mum say after applying.. after afew mins she can feel abit of tighness!! (Really interesting!!!)

In the first pic.. we also got eyebrows tweezers.. mine is the scissor type(Price SD$1.55-cheap) and the kawaii printed(SDs5.90) one belong to my sis.

Yesterday, I passes by sephora and I got the Burt Bee's More Moisture Shampoo(Price SD$18) 
No, my other burt bee shampoo haven't finish yet.. "the for volume one".. somehow didn't work for me =(  but my sister love it! Oh well~ (I will do a review on both shampoo soon)


I got this online.. EDM Eye kabuki brush (SD$9 including normal postage)


That's all! ^__^

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Review: The BodyShop SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub

I say I will try to use this for at least up to 5 times before doing a review.. but I only use this for like 3 times and I giveup!!  Hai~ lolx

Because, it's doesn't feel like a scrub to me! -_-""
I will tried to finish up the whole jar no matter what! (don't wanna waste it!)

See.. what I means? It feel very grainy when I rub it between my dry fingers.... but the salt kinda dissolved when I rub it on my wet body!

I have to use alot of products to feel a tiny bit of the scrubs effect... else it just feel like putting cream all over my body =( 

(The above products swatches were done with dry hands/fingers)

SPA WISDOM Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub (350ml) Price SD$52.90

I very much prefer their Body Polish scrubs!! They have a wide range of scents and it make my body feel really clean and a tube(200ml price SD$18.90) can last me a long time!

Anyone tried  Africa salt scrub before???
What to you feel about this product??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lovely Giveaway!!!!

pic's source

Another lovely giveaway from Crazy4mac

Check out her blog(click the pic)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mini Haul: The Balm + swatches

Check out The Balm at Suntec Sasa..
The MUA(she gave me a free makeover  + brows trimming voucher!).. she's really friendly!!!!

I bought the Hot mama blush and a Time balm concealer!
I also bought 3 lip balms from the push cart at level 1
(They have some really interesting and fun lip balms!)

Hot mama blush.. it's a very pretty coral with gold sheen (not glittery at all.. very pretty)... 
It's look very similar to MAC improvise mineral blush..
but Hot mama have a pink gold sheen to it!!
(It's abit light for tanned/darker skin tone ppls.. but it does provide a very very pretty pinky gold sheen!)

Time balm concealer (It can be use on daytime, night time and bedtime!!) Can wear it to sleep O.O!
When I heard that, my first thought was ...
"wow!! It so breathable that it won't cause clogging even apply to sleep"!!!
Then the MUA told me that this concealer have healing effect, it can fade dark cirlce and acne red scars!!!
But it need about a period of 2 mths time!!  Anyway... I'm SOLD... I have to get it!!

The concealer feel abit creamy compare to benefit boi~ing concealer
(Not as thick creamy like MAC concealer.. I never tried MAC concealer before, but I've swatched it afew time at the counter before!)

comparing with benefit boi~ing concealer

The balm conealer look abit pinky beige where benefit one have more yellowish tone.
The MUA was wearing The balm concealer and it doens't look cakey on her.. and I tried using it today.. it feel feel good ^__^
I was thinking.. if it was too thick or cakey on me.. I just use it at night as a treament to lighten my acne scars!  hahahah

The Balm Time concealer :: Price: SD$29.90 - 7.5g (Benefit boi~ing was SD$41 - 3g)
The Balm Hot Mama eyeshadow/blushes Price: SD$29.90
Lipbalm at the push cart 3 for SD$10

When I first saw the Sweet durian lip balm... I have to get it for my sister (Ariya)!!
HAhaha.. she love durain and weird/odd stuff.. I dare not sniff it(cos I don't like durain) so I ask my little sister (Nanda) to sniff it for me! hahaha
So I have to get 2 more.. I get Blueberry and Pomegranate ... Blueberry smell like heaven!!! They also have Mango.. but it smell weird to me! lolx

That's all... I just found out that sephora having sales at Suntec on 19 Nov and 20 Nov thru Sarah(facesbysarah) ... I don't think I'm will popping by tomorrow =(




Monday, November 16, 2009

LOTD: I love Green-smoke

I kinda love to do green eye's look more often then any other colors! lolx... maybe cos it go so well with my dark brown eyes!

Products I use
(On face:)
EDM foundation in light Almond mix abit of EDM mint concealer
Benefit boi~ing concealer in 01 for undereyes
DIY Silica loose powder
On cheek: I Nuovi Hyperbolic blush (A nice orange shade)

(On Eyes)
MAC Painterly paintpot as base
MAC blackground on lid below crease(from lash line to the fold of my eyelids)
Sleek Safari palette : I'm using the greyish green(have ahit of blue tone) on top of the blackground
MAC green-smoke on top of the sleek greyish green and then blended up
MAC soba to blend on crease and blend it
MAC Brule to soften the hash line and up to brow...
MAC Crystal Avalanche for highlight
MAC Crest the wave(yellow) on the inner corner and half of the lower lash
and blend it together with the green-smoke on the outside lash line
MAC brow shader mix abit of Lava from Calla on brows
MAC fluidline as liner


I'm so loving the I Nuovi Hyperbolic blush... it's a pretty orange coral shade!!
Green-Smoke eyeshadow is my favourite MAC eyeshadow! lolx
And Soba is a really pretty crease color!! It goes well with almost any shades!!!!! <3





Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why we don't have this kind of makeup store in Singapore?!?!?!?

This is so interesting!!!! The palette are so much fun!!! And WOW!!! It's pigmented too!! The white she swatched AMAZING!If I ever visit New York.. I will be popping by INGLOT!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barry M having 20% discount!!!

This made me so wanna do some hauling at Barry M... I'm thinking about the blushes!!

Raspberry, Apricot and Terracotta look so yummy!!!!

But.. but...b..ut... I'm on makeup ban!!! =(  Maybe I should ask around see anyone/friends need anything and we can share the £8 (internation shipping charge) 


OK, here are some blog links for swatches and reviews on Barry M products
The Yummy mummy::
Terracotta and strawberry blush swatches ::


WOHoo!! Amy is doing a quick/tiny spree!!! Girls.. just head over to purplio for more information on the spree ^__^

I just placed my order ^____^  I didn't get anything else except the 3 blushes.

Nails: OPI Sheer Your Toys + "tag"

I wore this on Tuesday to celebrate my bday with some of my gfs at Kbox!!  This is by far my fave soft nail polish color!!(comparing many brands.. not just OPI) I love how soft the greyish lavender look on my nails!

Even though, I love crazily bright nail polishs.. but sometimes, a soft polish will light up your day when you look at your hands! lolx 

OK.. I going to create a Tag!! lolx

What is your favourite soft color polish?

I tag anyone who's reading this ^___^  come share with me your love!!!! I wanna try more pretty nail colors! lolx