Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tag: What am I guilty off? My confession!

Diana(adorebeauty) start out this tag!! Read it, Love it... and doing it now! lolx

Simple and quick name 5 guilty confessions you have

1)I have not been working for 6 years (I means full time job... once awhile I have some fun part time.. mostly asked by my friends to accompany them) and I'm not rich... I just don't need alot of stuff... lolx...

2)Agree with DIana and Sophia... I don't deep wash my brushes often cos I have my brush cleanser! (Too lazy~)

3)I have alot of masks.... be it sheets/wash off types and I just don't use it often... I know I have to do it every week...  but I always forgot... end up doing it once a month or less (like once every 2 months)

4)I love scrubs... sometimes I do it too often which is bad for my skin!! (Like everyday!!!!)

5)I don't go to bed early... I sleep around 5/6am ... this is bad... I have to learn to sleep early! lolx


OK, that was my 5 confession! I tag anyone who read this ^__^