Friday, October 30, 2009

Mini Haul

When to Orchard yesterday to help my sister buy the Blythe doll "Neo Beatrice Vest" (Limited collection, released on 28Oct2009)... at Dollz Inc(Wheelock Place)  OK.. the doll look like this:::

I'm not a fan of blythe... but I do found that they are good for collectors... hahaha.. some of her blythe dolls already worth double of the original price she paid for!!! If I need some $$$$.. I going to steal her dolls and sell it!! Wahahaha (don't tell her I say that!)

Anyway.. back to my haul... I went to ION... and I only got 2 items ^__^ (I'm kept my promise that I'm going to keep off from color makeup!!!)

Muji Cleansing oil (SD$13.00) I heard vivawoman talk about it... so I wanna give it a try
(I used it yesterday... it nice... wash off very clean without any greasy feel, but it can't remove waterproof mascara well.. bummer!)

Burt's bee lip balm

The balm look reddish without any color payoff! It's doesn't feel sticky... with just a thin layer... you won't feel like you have applied anything and it's does moisturize my lips! (With just a day of using it... it already fall into my fave item list for oct!!!! I love it ^__~)

Oh and on Saturday(I forgot to mention before) I received the stila's mascara from purplio(Amy).. I bought the mascara from her sale page ^__^

The brush head was really soft... I tried this mascara once and even though it was a wash-off mascara, it doesn't smudge at all! But it does weight down my lashes abit... (I'm going to use it for afew times to know whether it a good/bad mascara for me! lolx)