Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mini Haul: Shampoo, sunblock lotion and a single eyeshadow

1) Yes to Tomatoes Shampoo.. SD$12.90 (From Watson)
I'm into organic shampoo... that are free from Parabens and SLS!

IF anyone have any good organic shampoo to recommend or heard about it where I can get it in Singapore...
I don't mind trying it out and do review on it. (I very open to any brands as long as it not super expensive, free from parabens and SLS)

Tiny review on the shampoo::
- Even though this shampoo doesn't contain any chemical forming agents... it form nicely and lather easily into my scalp. (GOOD)
- Does Volumize my hair...
- No painful scalp (I always have when I'm using commerical shampoos)
- No Itchness...
- Oil control... it doesn't last long... my scalp get oily the next day morning.
- Scents.... too sweet, I don't really fancy it..
(DO note that I have super oily and sensetive scalp... I cannot skip a day without shampooing my hair... it just look nasty with sleek wet hair all day!!!!)

2) Garnier sunblock lotion (My holy Grail sunblock lotion!!!) SD$17.90?(Can't remember how much it cost)
I love Loreal one also... but nothing can compare to Garnier sunblock!!!!!!

3) Jesse's baked eyeshadow SD$5 (I got it from sg_beauty)
I haven't use it yet... but it really pigmented and have a wonderful sheen!
Swatch taken with distance zoom in flash mood

I got these in the first week of OCT.. keep forgetting to blog about it... lolx...
Too many exciting stuff happening and making this babies look less interesting!

I didn't do My Sept Fave  becos I didn't have any new love during the month of sept! 
But I start using some products at the end of sept so... will be putting all those new loves in OCT fave post coming next month ^__^