2009 October Favourites

Here's are the my new found love ^__^ (I still love all the skincares products I loved in the past months these are just add on! lolx)

The list::
1) MAC: Margin blush (SD$35) I falling in love with this all over again!!! (It make my cheeks glow beautifully!)

2)ecotools blushes brush!!! I love the edm angle brush... it pick up color and blend it so nicely on my cheeks.. the only down side was that it was too pack... took off abit of my foundation when I brush on my blushes. But this ecotools blush brush... do the same without brushing off my foundation!!!

3)MAC: Green-smoke eyeshadow (SD$26) I always reach for this color more then any others... I donno why, I just love it so much that I kinda do the same eye look each time I go out! lolx

4)Palmer fade cream (SD$39.90)
? I bought this at the cozycot party with discount SD$32.50
I kinda have a love/hate feeling with this products... it doesn't break me out, it smooth my patchy cheeks, didn't fade much of my acne spots... but it does brighten up the skin area around my spots/pigmentation.
I do notice that my skin look more brighter and it worked so well during the first week of using (I use it every evening after my shower).. but it kinda slow down, didn't do much improvement until now (not much moisturizing effect... but I do love how it smooth my patchy cheeks.. I have sensitive skin and I get patchy cheeks very easily... ) I'm still using it... hahaha... I was thinking maybe it does work under my skin???? And slowly working out onto the surface??  Yes? NO?? (lolx)

5)MAC: Moisturelush eye cream (SD$59)

This was a really really thick and creamy eyecream... I use a tiny bits (cos I scare of having seeds around my eyes as this is super creamy thick(oily?)... I have been using this for 10days now! So far so good... no seeds around my eye areas..
Really moisturizing.. it made my under eye areas feel really soft.. can see my fine lines being pumped up (it look juicy instead of dry lines.. I know we can't get rid of those fine lines once it was formed... but we can make it look less deep and dry ^__^)
It work the same as TBS wise women eyecream... but TBS one are not as thick and have a more calming effect.. I love both of them anyway.

6)I nuovi blushes in entice and Hyperbolic
(Promotion SD$9.90each when getting 3- original price SD$24?)
I love the combo of this 2 shades... the payoff was like a pretty coral pink sheen ^__^

7)Burt's bees lip balm (SD$8)
I just got this on wednesday and I already falling in love with it ^__^ it made my chapped lips feel so soft and it's not sticky... I didn't feel like I'm wearing anything when I applied just a thin layer! (And it's work.. no need to apply alot!)

8)EleganTouch Diamond Protect & shine Top Coat (SD$10.90)
No bubbles, love the shiny glossy finishing and it last quite well!

9)Beauty Credit lovely nail in OR25 Orange (SD$4.90)
My fave nail color for the moment!

10)Burt's bee shampoo (SD$18)
I love it... I have oily and  sensitive scalp. This shampoo lather easily and it not hard to lather into my scalp too(easy to wash) and my hair feel soft yet not oily. Even when I was out for a long day (sweating and all) my hair doesn't look worse like I have applied a coat of oil on it!!! MY scalp didn't feel painful(like commerial shampoo does to my scalp) I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here's a pic of my nail after a week of using the top coat + beauty credit polish! 

I wore this on Friday 23rd Oct... using the beauty credit orange, skinfood deep purple and a coat of the elegan touch top coat.
After 7days... it only chipped abit (I didn't go easy with my hands also... cook, wash, my dogs biting my fingers and ects)
Not bad... normally my nail won't last that long after a day of cooking.. it will start to chip badly!
(So I'm impress with this top coat/nail polish)